Perceive Social Effects of Handheld Gadgets Essay

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Perceive Social Effects of Handheld Gadgets

The Problem and Its Setting

Gadgets are small mechanicals or electronic devices with a practical use. Electronic gadgets are very essential and useful to the world today. Gadgets are needed to do business, to have some regeneration and help people get through their daily lives. They have made life a lot simpler for businessmen, corporate executives and entrepreneurs as they can monitor their business and work while they are away, but according to a research conducted previously in America, infants and youngsters should not have any exposure to technology yet. According to Oxford English Dictionary the 11th Edition (2014) perceive is from a variant of Old French “Percoiver” and from Latin “Percipere” which is to understand. Effects of an event or something used are often tested through tests. As to this, the group will conduct a survey to test the social effects caused by gadgets to children, especially to the students of Philippine School Doha.

Background of the Study

Today, there are many people who seek to find new uses for different things. Luckily, students are tasked by their respective Science teacher to conduct a research to seek new inventions and discoveries that might help the community. One of the main topics of the researchers is the essential use of gadgets and its perceive social effects to children. The students found a research regarding handheld gadgets and its uses and effects to human beings, especially to the young ones.

The group decided to conduct a survey regarding the harmful effects of abusive use of handheld gadgets to selected students of their school. This research seeks for a change and answer to why gadgets have harmful effects and what are the effects especially to the young ones and their social life. Statement of the Problem

This study aimed to prove the social effects of overuse of handheld gadgets. Specifically, this aimed to answer the following questions:

1) What are the harmful effects of handheld devices to human beings? 2) What are its advantages and disadvantages?

3) What will be the after effect of the research or survey to the students of Philippine School Doha?

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