PepsiCo Essay Topics

Pepsi branding and marketing strategies defined in history

In 1893 Caleb Bradham experimented on several soft drink concoctions from his drug store at North Carolina. In 1898 the brand name was first introduced as Brad’s drink but later renamed to Pepsi Cola (Ads & history 2007) after the pepsin and cola nuts used in the recipe. Pepsi was first introduced as a fountain… View Article

Quaker Oats- Gatorade/Snapple

Background Quaker Oats acquired the Gatorade brand in 1983 but the sports drink actually was developed in 1965 for the University of Florida Gators. At the time of the acquisition Gatorade sales were about $100 million. But the most notoriously known sports drink would grow in sales to over $1.1 billion worldwide by 1994. Gatorade… View Article

Pepsi Case Study

Gatorade is a dominant product in the sports drink market, however Gatorade is only one brand in the stables of the PepsiCo Company. Therefore, before talking about Gatorade it is appropriate to talk about the company that owns the brand. This Company is currently PepsiCo, whom bought out Quaker Oats in late 2000 and in… View Article

Pepsico: Analysis of Recent Acquisition

Abstract While mergers and acquisitions can benefit companies with economies of scale, there are many pros and cons for businesses to consider. Throughout this document, a discussion of PepsiCo’s recent merger with Quaker Oats will be examined to ascertain what affects it will have on this oligopoly. A detailed analysis describing the current business structure,… View Article

Product Analysis of Pepsico

History Lay’s (known as Walkers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Chipsy in Egypt, Poca in Vietnam, Tapuchips in Israel and Sabritas in Mexico) is the brand name for a number of potato chip varieties as well as the name of the company that founded the chip brand in 1932. Lay’s chips has been marketed… View Article

Swot Analysis of Lay’s Potato Chips

Lay’s (known as Walkers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Chipsy[1] in Egypt, Poca in Vietnam, Tapuchips in Israel,[2] and Sabritas in Mexico) is the brand name for a number of potato chip varieties as well as the name of the company that founded the chip brand in 1932. Lay’s chips has been marketed as… View Article

Analytical Report – Pepsico

This is a worldwide beverage company, which supplies soft drinks all over the world. The company has 22 brands, which range from flavors to different tastes. The company supplies the drinks to over 200 companies worldwide. It generates more than one billion each in annual retail sales. Beverage industry is a very competitive industry. In… View Article

Dr Pepper-Snapple Inc: Energy Drinks

Introduction In the ever changing world of customer needs and expectations Dr Pepper-Snapple was faced with an increased customer focus on energy drinks. This area, when exploited correctly, is a high growth and high margin beverage business. In early September 2007, Andrew Baker had his marching orders. He emerged out a long discussion about entering… View Article

Elements of the Marketing Mix

This case will study describe the elements of the marketing mix. These four elements include product, place, price and promotion. This paper will include a description of how an organization’s marketing strategy is affected by the four elements of the marketing mix. Another aspect that this paper will include is a description of how each… View Article

Pepsi Marketing

Supermodel, entrepreneur, actress, Cindy Crawford has been promoting the OMEGA brand since 1995. Her striking beauty and international appeal are the perfect complement to OMEGA’s image. Cindy even helped to design a collection dedicated to her: the Constellation My Choice. PEPSI: Today’s PepsiCo, Inc. was found in 1965 through the merger of Pepsi Co and… View Article

The Cola Wars Continues: Coke and Pepsi in the 21st Century

The Cola Wars between the two industry giants Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo continues today after over 100 years of rivalry. The competitive strategies of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have been examined, and even though they are different, both seemed to have been successful to become the first and second companies in the soft drink industry. Coca-Cola… View Article

Coca Cola and Pepsi

Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola has been in the cola wars for centuries now. They had strategies to stay in the business competitively; both companies did their best to stay up by making contracts with celebrities, making banners and posters, TV commercials. Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola has the same core benefit for their products,… View Article

The second largest drink in the world, Pepsi has implemented several smart strategies in the last decade to improve its turnover and profits. Pepsi-Cola’s expansions in snacks like Lays, Quaker oats, Cheetos and Kurkure have given them an edge over Coca-Cola. Although, Coca-Cola is still the number one selling brand, Pepsi has reduced their dependency… View Article

Coke vs Pepsi

Pepsi has historically targeted a young audience especially since the 1980s .Many of their ads were usually aimed at teenagers and even younger groups by introducing fun, sports and music in their ads and this still hasn’t changed in 2014.Pepsi has consistently found new ways to adapt to each generation and found great success through… View Article

My Most Memorable Day

The most memorable day in my life is when I meet my best friend Kyla. I was dating this boy named Quinlynn for about 2 ½ years and we first started dating we went about it all the wrong way. We snuck around and lied to our parents and made really horrible mistakes. Then one… View Article

PepsiCo Supply Chain Management

Introduction Supply Chain Management is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the operations of supply chain with the purpose to satisfy customer requirements as efficiently as possible. Supply chain management spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point-of-origin to point-of-consumption. It is a cross functional approach to… View Article