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Pepsi saudi Essay

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Pepsi saudi

The Saudi industrial projects company and (SIPCO) and the Saudi fruit juice and beverage industry (SFJBI) emerged as one operating entity in 2002, but prior to that, Pepsi Saudi had operated in the kingdom for many decades. The acquisition amount was not publicized and this writer does not have privilege to that information, however industry insiders lauded the acquisition as a significant milestone in the western region of the kingdom. The reasoning behind the merger was the continuing of production of superior product and better product to the customers. Pepsi Saudi has dominated the soft drink industry in the kingdom for over 50 years , and it did not want that to change.

After the merger Pepsi Saudi decided to adopt the Balanced Scorecard management system in order to help the organization to stay on top of the soft drink industry and provide better products to its customers. MISSION AND VISION: To manufacturing and distribute the best Pepsi coal beverage-beverages . To continue to offer the best carbonated soft drinks and non carbonated soft beverages under various labels label, including Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Pepsi lime, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Aquafina, 7up, Dr Pepper.

To maintain and expand customer base with the best possible products. (Organizational documents). In order to accomplish these goals Pepsi Saudi management opted to implement the BSC business approach, with emphasizes on the equalization of financial goals with customer satisfaction goals, and training and employee retention efforts. The management reasoned that with equal balance of those key objectives, the organization would be able to maintain and ultimately surpass its customer base, and also sustain its frontal position in the industry.

The management concluded that if it were able to retain superior customer advantage and stay in front of their competition with superior products, it would eventually translate those to financial advantage. Presently the organization is feverishly pursuing the acquisition of new customers while it holds on to its core base. It has launched intensive ad campaigns featuring youth activities, and other popular events such as soccer, and ads with focus on young adults, weddings and intimate family programs. It has launched the popular Pepsi max, with men in min. it also launched an entirely new look for the 7up.

But most importantly, according to Zawya. com (March 29, 2006) Pepsi has elevated its market share to 70% in the UAE. And a significant majority of its 2,246 employees are reportedly in total support of the BSC management system. The entire organization is focused on the production of superior soft drinks, and the satisfaction of its customers as well as the retention of the employees who have helped it to come so far. The employees are competently trained in the BSC system, so cascading could only be an advantage, because of the determination of Pepsi management to give the employees an efficient training in the BSC system.

And the claim of 70% market share is an indication of the outstanding employee performance that has been evident following the implementation of the balance scorecard system. The organization takes its responsibilities to young people quite seriously. It has donated significant amounts of money to socially responsible youth events, and has contributed to health provisions and management in areas that needs the support in the kingdom and outside the kingdom.

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