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PEP and performance analysis for rounders Essay

Paper type: Analysis

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There are many important skills and techniques required in Rounders. As a batter in order to successfully hit the ball the player will need to have good hand and eye co-ordination. A number of things contribute to making, a good hit, these include the hand grip you are using while holding the bat, the hand grip of the bat is bad then the direction the ball will be other target because of awkward angles. Hitting the ball in Rounders is fairly significant as it will make getting the ball pass the opposition easier allowing you to ran around more bases allowing you to score more points for your team.

Also when hitting the ball in a batter role it is important to keep you head in an up-right position this is because if you hit the ball with your head in an awkward position it will affect the direction the ball will go because of your lack of area awareness. Stance is important in Rounders because it determines whether you hit the ball well.

A good stance includes, having your legs apart with knees slightly bent. When batting if you manage to hit a “perfect ball” then you will need good agility, to run around the bases well with out hitting them or going around them to far (if this happens it will affect you because it means your will have to run further out making your time slower because of the larger distance you will have to run.)

In Rounders when playing in a fielding position you need to have the ability to both catch and throw a ball in order to either get batter out or stop them from scoring the maximum points. The .reason you need to have the capabilities to catch is to catch someone out if they hit a high ball, this requires good co-ordination. When throwing a ball in a fielding position you need to have a good ball grip and good timing (this is because it will make the ball go accurate when thrown.) it is important to have a good grip of the ball when throwing it because if your grip ‘is to loose then the ball will fall out of your hand. Also when you throw the ball you need to keep it up right so it goes in the direction you want it to go in. ‘

2. (a) List in detail the strengths of the player/competitor/participant. In Rounders I’m good at hitting the ball when batting; in order for me to do this I had good hand and eye co-ordination. When batting it is good to have good hand and eye coordination because it determines whether a hit will be good or bad, I think the ball the reason why I’m good at batting is because I hi the ball right in the middle making the ball go at max speed, the reason I can do this is because of the co-ordination. This also involves me having a good grip of the bat this is so I get the angle right when hitting the ball, if I did not have this angle right then I would not be able to hit the ball well’ directionally wise, it is important a can hit the ball in a good direction because it makes it more hard for the opposite sides fielders to get the ball and try get me out.

I’m also good in the fielding position where I have to stop the ball going past me and stopping the ball go a longer distance reducing the chance of the batter t score more points. (b) List in detail the weaknesses of the player/competitor/participant. The weaknesses of me when playing Rounders is in the fielding position where I have to throw the ball to a team mate where by it becomes possible for them to get the batter out. The reason why I think I’m bad at throwing the ball long distances and in an accurate direction is because of the strength of my arms and because my co-ordination is not the best it could be. This could be because of the lack of flexibility in my arms making me not able to move my arm in a swift motion. Another weakness is the lack of agility making my body not as agile as it could be (making running in different directions harder.)

3. Suggest what raining practices might be used to improve the strengths and in particular the weaknesses you have identified. One of the weaknesses I have found out is my lack of agility, a training practice could be set out for me where b I have to run in and out of cones in opposite directions as fast as I can while recording the tie, I can keep track of my progress by comparing the different times I have ran it in. (this test is called Illinois Agility Run and is commonly used with sport competitors throughout the world.)

I can also use ladders in m exercise, going through them as fast as I can see what time I did and then improving it. This will help my timing and it will tune my muscles into knowing where my feet are, giving me a better sporting feel. To improve my throwing ability I can set out a base with a thin pole in it and see how many times I can hit it, if this activity gets to easy I can always position myself further away from the pole and as time goes on I should see my coordination levels increase as my muscle more gets more use to doing this exercise thus making m directional throwing better.

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