People Naturally Resist Making Changes in Their Lives Essay

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People Naturally Resist Making Changes in Their Lives

There is a sentence meaning: “Rivers have their smooth areas as well as their rough regions, and the life of human beings go up at this time and go down at another time”. Therefore, people have to renew themselves, keep learning new things to overcome challenges. People, however, naturally refuse to make changes in their lives. This leads them to be unable to adapt to new environments. Growing up, studying, making friends, and getting jobs… are the important issues of everyone’s life. Every issue is put into different situations which have various difficulties and require some specific skills.

For instance, the environment between high school and university is not the same. In high school, teachers pay full attention to you, make sure that you DEEPLY understand deeply subjects, do homework, and learn lessons by heart. On the contrary, you have to motivate yourself to study. That is not THE teachers’ duty. If you don’t make changes in your study methods, and still wait for help from the teachers, your study will decrease dramatically and you surely get bad results. Making changes is difficult but IT doesn’t mean that we can’t do it.

In my opinion, there are some steps to help you to get into a new habit. First step is to change your mind. You should carefully consider advantages and drawbacks between new things and old ones. For example, sending mails through (I)nternet is quicker, cheaper, and more convenient than doing them by hand. Next, you should learn it a little everyday, ask the help of your family and your friends. Finally, you will be an expert. In conclusion, the world’s today doesn’t stand at the same point, but always changes every minute.

If you don’t update, study new technologies, and skills continuously, you will SOON be out of touch with the world. Human’s life always changes day by day. Therefore, it sets requirements for us to change toward new conditions of living. However, many analyses have pointed out that most people naturally resist making change in their lives. This nature respond actually leads to many problems. On the one hand, many people consider avoiding changes as a way to avoid troubles.

For example, a worker chooses to keep using the old machine instead of new one just because he or she does not want to learn how to use the new. They feel better when just working in familiar condition. This natural though is understandable because safety is one of the most important needs for everyone. On the other hand, changeable people claim that making changes is necessary to reach higher success in life. A successful business man said that if we just do what we have done, we just get what we have got. This statement partly implies important role of changes in human’s life.

When we avoid making changes, we also by ourselves ignore all opportunities to go further in career. And in a rapid development society, this means that we become backward people. More seriously, what if young generation become passive, and is never ready to change? This will create a weak and low quality labor force in the near future. Of course, a weak labor force cannot help develop country as we desire. That is because they avoid changes, avoid new modern technology or other things, and so they cannot catch with rapid development of the world.

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