People Learn and Grow From Encountering Conflict Essay

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People Learn and Grow From Encountering Conflict

When people encounter conflict, they learn and grow from the experience. People gain or acquire knowledge and develop themselves when faced with a disagreement or argument, either internally or externally. From conflict they can learn about themselves as well as others, develop skills needed in the future and accept differences. Conflict can occur anywhere, anytime, so it is important for people to learn and grow when they encounter it. When people experience conflict they not only learn more about themselves, but also about others. Conflict is often a test of character, and reveals the true nature of a person. It tests a person’s understanding and inner strength as well as exposing their flaws and weaknesses. While some people may handle disputes in a calm, reasonable and respectful manner, others respond in explosive, angry, hurtful and resentful ways that they often regret later. Knowing a person’s reaction to conflict can teach people to compromise and resolve the problem efficiently.

People each react differently to conflict because we are all different, and by encountering it and revealing people’s true selves we can learn and grow from the experience. Many skills that are essential and vital for the future are developed when people encounter conflict. Conflict pushes people to establish and foster the skills needed to manage a variety of different situations. Along the way, people understand that having a non-defensive, composed reaction and facing it head on will calm and resolve a dispute better than an angry, harmful reaction where the people, out of expectation of bad outcomes, avoids the problem at hand. In general, when people encounter any sort of conflict they know, due to past learning experiences, that certain approaches or methods will work and others will no.

Understanding how to handle difficult situations and using the skills they have gained, people can learn and grow from encountering conflict. People who encounter conflict and resolve it successfully can often change, in a good way. Personal reactions to trauma and change that occurs because of conflict can lead to a greater, stronger personal strength. After encountering conflict, people may reassess and alter the morals and values that guided them before, as they found it clashes with the beliefs they followed afterwards. This may be as simple as viewing a religion differently or accepting a previously despised person as an equal.

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