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People in the film Essay

The creation of the monster involves the use of gadgets. The storm detector was needed to show when to lift the monster on to the roof. After lifting the monster up onto the table and elevating it up through a hole in the roof. It was then shocked by lightning, to bring it to life. The table the monster is position on in the centre of the room this is to put emphasis on him and to show that this is the most important aspect of the film. Dr Frankenstein brings the monster to life. A low angle is used on the monster to make him look big and scary, this is created due to the bold features of the monster. A low angle, which gives the effect that, the audience are actually watching the table rise. A tracking angle is used to follow the monster up onto the roof but when the table is on the roof a low is used, we can’t see what is happening on the roof, this creates unpredictability, which creates suspense and tension.

The lighting is used on the monster, this is used to define the bold features of the face, and this lighting is low lighting. The people appear shocked, amazed and scared as if they don’t know what is happening, this influences the audience to feel the same way also this makes the audience feel insecure also because the camera angles and sound draw us into the film it makes the audience feel the same emotion as the people in the film.

When the creature moves its hand a close up shot is used, this is to show that the monster is alive. When this happens the sound effects get louder, this is to increase the tension and suspense. The Dr Frankenstein shouts ‘ he’s alive, it’s alive,’ he then shakes around and he is restrained as if he was mad, this creates more tension due to Dr Frankenstein’s unpredictability and this scares the audience. In the novel we are slowly set into the scene but in the movie we are straight into the storyline this is due to that it would be boring if we were slowly set into the scene also this is a horror movie so there should be no moments where there isn’t tension.

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In the novel and the movie there are differences this is because there are only certain things that you can do with a book but in a film you can do more for e.g. in a film you have sounds and you can have camera angles to add to suspense and tension. In the novel Dr Frankenstein doubts what he is doing (a moral dilemma) but in the film he is very excited by what he was doing. In the book Frankenstein’s room is described as a small candle lit room but in the movie it is a big tall room with high tech equipment. In the novel Dr Frankenstein is not evil and the monster is not really evil but in the film Dr Frankenstein and the monster are perceived as evil.

This is because the film is a horror movie. In the novel there are less gadgets (if any) described but in the movie there are many gadgets this is because in a movie the audience want to shocked amazed and interested, these gadgets do all of these things. In the film Frankenstein is perceived as a loner but in the novel he has a loving family and background. This is because if Frankenstein came from a loving family we couldn’t see Dr Frankenstein as evil and evil is needed to create a good horror movie. In the novel, he doesn’t have an assistant but in the film he does. In the novel the monster is created without anybody there but in the movie there are witnesses to his creation, this is because in the film the director wanted to involve the audience, which makes them scared. James Whale needs to create tension, suspense, and unpredictability to create a good horror movie.

He did this by using different lighting and camera angles. He used certain camera angles to put us into the scene such as p.o.v and long shot, this shows where things are and shows what’s happening in a certain areas. He used some shots for emphasis such as close up and extreme close up; this draws your attention towards something so that you notice it. Some of the shots he used were to involve us in the scene such as low angle, rolling shot, tracking this is to make us more scared because it makes us sense what we are seeing so therefore its makes us feel ‘mise-en-scene’. The lighting that James Whale uses is under lighting, filler lighting and there is flashes of lightning these are all used to create suspense from the same building in different ways.

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