People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

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People for Ethical Treatment of Animals recognizes the chair, salutes the delegates and it’s deeply honored to take part in this council with such a world pressing subject.

Individuals for Ethical Treatment of Animals deeply concerned by the countless animals being secured in labs throughout the world with unimaginable pain and suffering due to all the chemicals that are being evaluated on them by so called researchers for a later human use. Seeks the stop of all types of experimentation on living animals whom are being used as nothing more than lab materials for reaserch wich many of the times supply deceptive or inaccurate outcomes.

Our company believe that every creature with a will to live has a right to live devoid of pain and suffering. PETA creator Ingrid Newkirk has stated, “When it comes to pain, love, happiness, loneliness, and worry, a rat is a pig is a pet is a boy. Each one worths his/her life and fights the knife.

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People for Ethical Treatment of Animals are completely, absolutely and irrefutably against animal screening for any kind of product or drugs.Further deploring for each nation to utilize alternative research methods and not animal testing.

Ergo People for Ethical Treatment of Animals urgently requests that:

* Having devoted attention to all the suffering animals go through by getting tested on, governments should start investing money in in vitro experimentation and research. Instead of spending it on animal testing. These methods should vigorously be promoted to all companies around the world.

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* Encourages people to get informed of what is going on with all the animal testing by having the 1,300 aprox. companies in our “Do not test” list make campaigns to invite other companies to join this list, and consumers to only use their cruelty free preoducts. Along with the publicity we (PETA) do.

* Calls upon the countries to start banning products tested on animals and only allow cruelty free products, requesting more companies to start using non-animal methods in their research and production.

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals trusts that a strong message will be issued from this committee and that action will be taken in order to strongly condemn product testing in animals.

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