People Come and Go… but I will Surely Stay Essay

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People Come and Go… but I will Surely Stay

It’s been a tough day. I arrived at home late bringing lots of schoolwork and here goes my mom reprimanding me for getting home late. I thought it’s been her hobby. She always does the same thing without even asking the very reason why I came home late. She’s been strict these past few days. I haven’t taken my lunch yet that day. I’m even planning to skip dinner that night. I rushed into my room, setting my alarm clock and planning to take a nap for a while. Minutes passed by and yet I’m still not into rest. My body wants to but my mind’s telling me that there are more important things to do than to simply lay down my bed for relaxation’s sake. I still don’t want to drown myself with lots of schoolwork. I just want to do something else that can make me feel better and that’s reminiscing about the happiest times of my life – when my great grand mother was still living. I miss her so bad. I can still remember the times when she stays by my side whenever I stay up all night doing my homeworks and projects. She never sleeps until she finds me in the midst of the night.

How I wish that she’s still living us continuing to share every moment of her life with us. I continued to reminisce until I found my tears running down my cheeks. I hugged one of my teddy bears and realized that I’m hugging an old stuff toy which was given to me by my great grand mother as a birthday present when I was still a child. Minutes later, I stopped crying. I can’t explain the feeling I that I experienced that very moment. It’s like I was lying beside my granny and she’s hugging me back, just like how we used to way back my childhood days. I don’t know but it was jut so real. Later on, I heard a whisper saying “people come and go” I felt Goosebumps all over my body. I remembered my granny who always tells me not to trust a person in just a short period of time. She doesn’t want me to engage into something that seems to be a short-term relationship, in friendship, in love life and any other relationships with other people. Every time that I’m having such problems, she’s the one who comforts me not as much as my parents do.

She always enlightens me with the thoughts and life lessons that really make me feel loved and so blessed. And one more thing that she always reminds me is to pray. She always led me into prayers each day. There’s no reason for me to fear for I have a God that will stay with me eternally, even when she’s not around for me. She promised me that she will always stay with me, but God will do greater things far better than her promises to me. She told me that all of the people that I’ve got to encounter, my friends, my family, may relatives and even her will go, only God will surely stay all throughout. That statement really moved me. “Gising na, tanghali na!”, my mom shouted as she tries to wake me up inside my room. It’s already 5:00 in the morning and I’ll be late for school. She scolded me for skipping dinner. She went downstairs and calls me for breakfast. I realized that last night was just a dream. It was just a simple reminder that I don’t have to worry about anything for there is someone who will always stays us.. and that’s God!

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