People around the globe Essay

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People around the globe

The Internet today is one of the most influential ways to touch millions of people around the globe. And out of this birthed Social networking sites which made it easier for people from one point of the world to another point of the world to communicate. People can navigate the world with the touch of their fingertips.

Some of the social networking sites, according to the article, attracted the media attention in the U. S. and abroad resulting to the rapid increase of expectations and needs of consumers of different markets. Social networking sites equates to more awareness of different products and services. For businesses to survive in this new environment and to tap this new and thriving market, businesses should definitely look into the social networking sites. This will definitely put the companies to their advantage; increasing brand recognition and publicity will definitely outweigh the costs in participating.

If a friend is satisfied with one’s service of a certain company, chances are the person will let others know of the great service. This will increase the market income of the business and we can expect the chain-effect of the satisfied customers spreading the word of how great the service was. When it comes to the issues of this being ethical, Social Networking Sites have options for users to whether or not strangers could have interaction with them. In telemarketing people have no idea where they got the contact details, and this becomes violating to people’s privacy.

With regards to Myspace’s accidental popularity due to band promotions, this only means that interacting and promoting through the Social Networking Sites doesn’t do any harm to local promoters, and this gives promoters more access to users that their current advertising projects could reach, not just locally but also globally. Trying something unusual and out of the ordinary might turn out to be the success of businesses today. 2) Virtual Reality, according to the article, is an environment created by technology that incorporates virtual representation of elements that are found in the real world.

Since these worlds were created by humans, we can expect limitations that also exist in the real world. Since they are considered representations of the real world, some of the aspects that govern the real world should exist in the virtual reality. Of course, if we put too much fantasy into these applications, chances are people would not be impressed so much with this technology given it can’t be a reality for users of these applications. When it comes to having flying powers but you can’t turn invisible in the virtual world, this just lets users know that this might be a reality in the future.

And we all know that technology could also be associated to so much development in the future. Flying (with the help of technology) could be a possibility in the future. 3) In the 21st century, social networking sites were the trend and the hit of this time line. Almost everybody has SNS accounts, and they love keeping in touch with them through these applications. As compared to the 80’s and 90’s when MTV was a hit (according to the article provided), SNS has been the favorite of millions of people in the world.

In these sites you will be able to express yourself without people judging and criticizing you. And other users have no control over what you say except for yourself. If this is the case, people will probably tend to be self-absorb and self-seeking. Social networking sites, including Myspace, probably contributed so much to the Generation me when it comes to their ego and self-image. People nowadays, if you truly observe them, are more expressive of their feelings and emotions. They let the whole world know what they are up to, what they are feeling, and what they think by posting these in their SNS pages.

Everything and anything they post is about them, and to get people’s attention. However, not everyone is on these social networking sites to get attention. Most of the time, people are there to meet friends, reconnect with past associations, and connect with people. 4) It is actually possible to have schools exist in Second Life considering the “shopping malls” that exist in that application. Schools can actually gain more income when in comes to having students from other places join the virtual world.

However, if we take into consideration the concentration level of people in the virtual world, it might not be that practical to learn in a “school” virtually because they can get easily distracted with poor graphics and virtualization. Teachers won’t be able to teach to their maximum extent of their abilities considering there will be limitations in teaching styles if this will be done. Also, students will have problems in concentrating and pulling information from the professors. Plus, internet distractions could be a possible blockage of information to students.

This online collaborative could help teachers in communicating with students in tutoring and teaching online. One thing that the professors and teachers could get into is trading of resource materials through Second Life. Exchange of information will be that easy considering everyone can have access to this application. In relation to the issue if actual work could get accomplished in virtual worlds, I think the easy part of trading information and other resources could be done in this application. However, results in this area can be limited and could not be accomplished precisely unlike activities done in the real world.

In the real world, you could actually see the facial expressions of who you are dealing with. And at the same time, you can be able to read the body languages of people unlike in the world of Second Life where expressions are masked by avatars that have limited mobility and ability. Site kinks were present whenever one user clicks to another link according to the article, and so on and so forth. 5) The video was very informative since it was a detailed tour of how the application works and how you could easily navigate through the system.

Teachers can actually use this for additional means of income since you can conduct online tutorials, online classes, and online demonstrations to people who are in need of your specific knowledge and services. This application could fit students who are computer literate and computer buffs. At the same time, the application can fit people who basically cannot travel too far from where they are currently residing, and enjoy the knowledge while sitting at the comfort of their homes. Since people should adapt well to change, using this system might be hard at first especially going through the different buttons of the application.

However this could be very valuable since earning money could be easily made and also being able to reach different kinds of people who would need more information and knowledge. However, there’s still a difference between having an actual face-to-face class and having the videoconferencing class. When communicating on a face-to-face teaching environment, you will be able to see and make sure if the student/s can fully understand what you are teaching. If the students have questions, they will be able to address their concerns freely and immediately. So this could be a hesitation on both ends: for the professors and for the students.

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