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Explain the importance of safeguarding children and young people

We must safeguard children and young people as they are unable to protect themselves alone and are far more vulnerable to things such as abuse and neglect than adults are. It is our duty of care to protect children and young people from physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse and neglect. We must be able to identify early on the signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect before the...

Strengths and Weaknesses of Kate Oliver’s Analysis of “Good Country People”

In the space below, write a thesis statement for an analysis of the article. Your thesis statement should include an EVALUATION of the article, as well as a clear sense of the DIRECTION your essay will take. Oliver is able to make a strong argument when she writes about Joy-Hulga’s emotional detachment and artificial beliefs, yet could have went into more details instead of being so vague with ...

Communication and Professional Relationships With All People

It is essential that we reassurance parents that all of their information is kept in confidential manner. Assure them that information will not be discussed with anyone. If for some cases, information of a child needs to be share with other professional such as the social service, parent consent would need to be given. Although not all information is confidential. There may also be cases where inf...

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"Neat People vs Sloppy People" analysis

This essay “Neat People vs. Sloppy People” analyzes two opposite lifestyles. By switching their meanings around, Britt is able to show just how different these two lifestyles are. She seems to imply that sloppy people are caring and will get to things done when needed. They are laid back and want to enjoy life by not worrying about keeping everything perfect. Sloppy people do not get c...

Develop Positive Relationships with Children, Young People and Others Involved in their Care

Because you are working together with the same goals in order to help the child, having a positive relationship with others you are working with is important. Your everyday colleagues and yourself should have strong working relationship as children are very intuitional and can pick up any tensions around them, effecting their behaviour and development. Working as a team to provide all the children...

Сompetition play in people's daily life

For example, in school, students work hard to overcome other people to be the top scholar in the school. If they did not do well in their tests, they will know what are their weaknesses and thus learn more so that they cam improve that. Without competition, students would be lazy and become incompetent. This is because competition is a motivational factor for a person to excel in any field. If the...

People attend college or university for many different reasons

The second reason why I think people enter college or university is because they want to increase their knowledge. Colleges and universities provide the best information and knowledge for the students to learn. By taking high quality classes from college, they will get more intelligent. Plus, students will learn life lessons and experiences which will help them next time when they are in a same si...

Should people on welfare have to be drug tested

The idea is simple; no taxpayer wants to see their hard earned money to pay for someone on welfare to pay for drugs. Taxpayers deserve to know that their hard-earned dollars are used wisely and not funding drug use for welfare recipients. It’s not right to take the taxpayers money for drug users. Welfare pays for many different things like unemployment, housing assistance, foods stamps and more....

Television and Radio in the Lives of Young Young People Today

A follow-on from my previous point, not only does T.V effect young people’s speech but also their behaviour. There is a lot of violence, drug-abuse, theft and anti-social behaviour shown on T.V these days, and young people sometimes do tend to copy it. It’s bad for the people who imitate these acts but, worse for the people around and the surroundings. Teenagers or children could do some serio...

Help with safeguarding children and young people

CRB: Stands for Criminal Records Bureau, these are checks made by the settings , the police national computer has all criminal records and details stored in them . CRB checks are made for anyone working within a children/ young people’s environment or old person/ mental disabled environment .To ensure that you are legible to work in these environments and be responsible for children/young people...

Support children and young people

Although a schools behaviour policy may be morally and ethically right in a lot of ways as it reinforces how children should conduct themselves in a school setting, most children who attend Parkhill Infants behave themselves extremely well and lead by example by following the schools codes of conduct to the latter, these are the children who are sometimes ‘forgotten’ for the reason that they c...

Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell

In spite of these parent-teen conflicts, Beka does have a loving relationship with her parents. Her family is one of only two nuclear families in the community, and while her parents do not love all that Beka does, they do love her. Beka begs her father for a second chance at school, promising to pass this time, and Bill Lamb eventually relents. A nun at Beka’s school, Sister Gabriela, takes Bek...

Evaluate the regulation of care provision for looked after children and young people

Childline is a service that children and young people can contact for free if they are ever in need of talking to someone confidentially about general issues and problems, big or small. If a child is worried, scared, upset or just in need of talking to someone they can contact Childline and someone can provide information and support where they can call free, have a 1-2-1 chat online on an instant...

The media has far too much power over people's opinion

It is as if they will not believe what fellow people say but they will believe the journalist who will make the announcement on TV. A fair example can be one that has to do with politics. The public seems to be driven or even guided during election period and the people tend to use quotes by their favorite politicians in order to persuade their family and friendly environment to vote in favour of ...

Analysis of ”Good People” by David Foster Wallace

It also refers to when Lane says that he is not that serious in his faith and that he wants to be good people, to feel that he was good. Lane does not want to lie to her or to himself. To be good is something every human being aspires to be. To be good, kind and loving to your family, friends and neighbours is something preached by the Christian church, but it is also how people generally want to ...

Older people in the society

Smyth, J. (1992) ‘Teachers’ work and the politics of reflection’, American education research journal, 29(2): 267-300. Taylor, B. (2004) ‘Technical, practical and emancipator reflection for practicing holistically’, Journal of holistic nursing, 22(1): 73-84. Taylor, B. J. (2003) ‘Emancipator reflective practice for overcoming complexities and constraints in holistic health care’, Sac...

The daily life of teenagers today and that of young people 100 years ago

The culture of the people a century ago did not view females as equals to males. As a result the girls were hardly allowed to take part in the same activities as the boys. Domestic management was an activity fit for women so girls were limited to activities within the domestic sphere. On the other hand, female teenagers today are freely entitled to the same opportunities as their male counterparts...

Response to "People Like Us"

I believe that Brooks’ points about our tendencies to group ourselves with similar people are valid. When I look round at my own life I can see examples of what he was talking about. Brooks’ ideas do a good job at explaining why many aspects of our lives are the way they are. He states that we should ask ourselves if we even care that we have this sort of sheltered life. Brooks says that mayb...

Did the Industrial Revolution improve life for people?

Factories in the major cities created hundreds of thousands of jobs, expanded the cities and attracted immigrants by the millions. - The Industrial Revolution turned out many notable inventions like the battery, the telephone, and the calculator. The huge growth of business and factories meant that our transportation network expanded out of necessity and brought us canals and highways. The succes...

People are not born as a criminal

Samenow, Stanton E. "Inside The criminal mind." Psychology Today. Stanton E Samehow, 4 March. 2013. Web 21 March, 2013 Bryant, lee. "Why Do People Commit Crime?". Why do People Commit Crime? Lee Bryant, n.d. Web 21 March. 2013 "How People Become Criminal." Hubpages. N.p, n.d. Web 21 March, 2013. Robinson, Annie. "To What Extent Does Nurture Cause a Child to Grow up to Be a Criminal?" New Political...

Caring for children and young people

• Helping them to understand the boundaries they might come across. Reinforcing issues when they arise in a positive manner such as turn taking, no pushing, being patient, understanding some children take more time than others to complete tasks, everyone has their own individual ways of completing tasks. Letting them resolve their own conflicts whenever possible. Supporting assertiveness, self-c...

Journey always change the people involved

Journey change the people involved as seen in the characters of the two texts. In beneath clouds, the journey of Lena and Vaughn is a journey to get accepted in their community/society. Lie is a journey that we all make and it could be a search for love or freedom as in journey to freedom. Along the way life is a journey filled with decisions and choices. Lena and Vaughn had an aim in their physic...

"Good People"

In the story Terri claims Ed and she loved each other, Mel claims she is wrong, but Terri persists despite the fact he hit her sometimes and was disturbed and shot himself. In real life, Larry was MIA in the Vietnam War as a pilot and must have meant a lot to his wife seeing how she kept his last name. The bigoted representation of Ed in Carver’s story represents the jealousy he had of his wife...

Are young people feel to being too protected

Before I end off my essay, let me tell you my opinion about this topic. Parents do show more care and compassion to their children than anyone could do. Due to that, parents tends to become over protective and they aim to let their child have a stress-free life. But the problem is that with the aim of theirs, their children are being over protected. Thus, their children becomes immature, becoming ...

An Analysis of A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn

 "The 2000 Election and the 'War On Terrorism'", covers the 2000 presidential election and the War on Terrorism. Zinn argues that attacks on the U.S. by Arabterrorists (such as the September 11, 2001 attacks) are not caused by a hatred for our freedom (as claimed by President George W. Bush), but by grievances with U.S. foreign policies such as "stationing of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia... sancti...

The Experience of Conflict Changes Peoples

For Najaf, on the other hand, life was altered in a different manner, he was forced by conflict to take a massive risk and flee from his country to seek asylum in Australia. The fact that Najaf saw that stepping onto a rickety old boat was a better option to staying in his own country just shows the severity of the dangers to living in Afghanistan. This is a huge change for someone to make in thei...

Safeguarding of children and young people: policy

To be able to express themselves and be heard with out discrimination. To be treated with dignity and respect. Privacy, to refuse repeated medical examinations and questions. Be consulted and kept fully informed of proceedings and decisions about their future. Individuals have the right of respect for their private and family life, home and correspondence. Children have the right to live without a...

Support children and young people’s health and safety

It is important children learn to asses risks and learn how to manage them so when doing activities I talk about the risk and tell the children how to prevent accidents. I try to make this part of the activity without it been too intrusive to what they are doing. For example: When using scissors ensure the children know they are sharp and to only use them when sitting nicely at the table and to po...

Identify the different reasons people communicate

As human beings it is in our nature to express our needs and feelings and it enhances the commmunication between people. It is our duty to let the children and young people express their needs and feelings. If not it can lead to frustration and isolation. The last main reason why people communicate is sharing ideas and thoughts. People have thoughts and ideas and it is important that they share th...

Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

Describe how people in the setting are made aware of risks and hazards and encouraged to work safely. To encourage staff to be aware of potential risks or hazards they are encouraged to think about ‘The Learning Environment’. The layout of classrooms should be safe nothing lying around that children could harm themselves on. There should be plenty of clutter free space to walk. No sharp edges ...

Stress in the life of young people today

To begin with, one of the main sources of stress among adolescents is school. Not only homework, tests and exams cause stress but also the pressure of being successful and comparing themselves to other people make them feel insecure. In addition, parents can put a lot of pressure on their kids so they would get better grades. As a result, children may feel that however hard they try, they are stil...

Society’s Attitude towards Young People

Like I said before not all young people are the same, there are many mature ones that are very opposite from rebellious beings. I and many of my peers are the opposite of what society expects us to be. We work hard, and are on the right path in life. Not all of us are violent, untrustworthy, and incapable of greatness. Many of us are mature and very well capable of greatness in all aspects of life...

Children and Young People Development

These are only a few of the many professionals working with children and young people to provide strategies and on-going support to ensure that the child’s need are met and that they are placed in the best possible education environment. Working together to provide a multi-agency approach will ensure a positive outcome for the child and their family enhancing and enabling the child to achieve t...

The Earth and Its Peoples Chapter 6 Summary

Thus began the long history of imperial China. The threat to their way of life created by the Chinese invasion caused the creation of the Xiongnu Confederacy. Gaozu, the new emperor of the Han courted popularity and consolidated their rule by bringing back many Qin laws. We know much about the personality and policies of Wu because of Sima Qian, chief astrologer. Chang’an City became the capital...

NCFE Level 2 Certificate for children and Young Peoples Workforce

Bites are usually easy to recognise. If a child has been bite I may see teeth marks or puncture wounds. Any cuts will usually be jagged. The bites also usually will have bruising with them, so I would see that the area is red and it may be slightly swollen. If I see the bite is badly bleeding or the child is seriously injured I will control the bleeding and call for an ambulance. But if the bite i...

FAQ about People

How Do People Fall into Debt?

...It is a known fact that our society is in debt from all the news we hear every day on television, radio or read in the newspapers. There are some people that will try, won’t try and some that just can’t do it. Everyone needs to think about the fu ...

Examples of How You Would Protect the Rights and Promote the Interests of Disabled People

...Example: Two different nurses has been asked to give medication to a disabled child, the first nurse who has duty in the morning has given the right dose but the first nurse forgot to write the time when did he/she gave the medicine so this person wr ...

Econ Why People Skip Class

...Last and not least is the interest of the subject by the student. Its common sense that a student would attend class if his interest is high in that course, but if not interested students would tend to ‘‘slack’’ and find it easy to abolish th ...

What Do People Do When They Are Leading: Ursula Burns, Xerox CEO

...bit/ Burns, U. (2013, August 08). Xerox's Ursula Burns on Her Career Path and Changing Company Strategy. (C. Hymowitz, Interviewer) Byrnes, N., & Crockett, R. (2009, May 28). Ursula Burns: An Historic Succession at Xerox. Bloomberg Businees Week ...

Why positive relationships with children /young people are important

...I consider myself to be warm and friendly. I am good at reading a room and can adapt my own personality to what the environment / situation requires at that time making CYP feel comfortable. I feel I pay attention to a Childs engagement with me and a ...

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