Pegasus Airlines Essay

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Pegasus Airlines

Please read the case on page 36-37 and answer the following questions: Question 1: Give examples of the needs, wants and demands that Pegasus customers demonstrate, differentiating these 3 concepts.

What are the implications of each for Pegasus’ practices? (10 points) ————————————————-

Examples of needs: Pegasus’ customers need diversification. examples of wants: Customers are willing to improve the airline company and reflect their opinions, mostly by the website “Pegasus listens to you”. examples of demands: low-cost flights, choice between many destinations , good quality services, and discounts and other benefits for the customers.

The implications of each for Pegasus’ practices are based on the orientation on customers. So, they want to satisfy their customers and meet their expectations.


Question 2: Describe in detail all the facets of Pegasus’ product. What is being exchanged in a Pegasus transaction? (10 points) ————————————————-

Pegasus sells customers a product, a ticket for a flight. Since it is a low-cost airline company, the tickets are not very expensive and compared to other airline companies the tickets are cheap. But Pegasus is not a company with low quality service like most other low-cost airline companies, they in fact focus on satisfying their customers. So besides the flight they give the customers all kind of discounts and benefits. For example they have: a credit loyalty card to reduce insurance rate, have a refund strategy for when departure is delayed, give away free tickets for winners of events on social networks. Also the company really meets the customers’ expectations and the company improves itself by listening to the customers’ voice. ————————————————-


Question 3: Which of the 5 marketing management concepts best applies to Pegasus? (5 points) ————————————————-

Pegasus wants to satisfy the customer as much as possible when they choose Pegasus airline by all kinds of discounts and benefits. This is a good example of the marketing concept, where the idea is that the organizational goal is to deliver the desired satisfaction better than competitors by adapting your product/service to the needs and wants of the customer. So that means they definitely apply best to the marketing concept. ————————————————-


Question 4: What value does Pegasus create for its customers? (10 points) ————————————————-

The most important value is that Pegasus has a great price-quality ratio. That is basically the main reason why they are so popular in Turkey and the neighbour countries, if Pegasus holds on to that strategy they seriously could be more successful. Other values that Pegasus gives their customers is that, Pegasus insures successful service through safety, training and is devoted employees, it employs creative communication with customers, it offers great destinations and easy access to international hubs and it uses efficient management techniques, delivering low prices with a high-quality service experience. ————————————————-

Question 5: Is Pegasus likely to continue being successful in building customer relationships? Why or why not? (5 points)

The relatively good relationship between Pegasus and its customers, will highly likely be continued. ————————————————- Because the economy of Turkey is currently stable, especially compared with the European countries and the United states. Which basically means that they could keep continue with their strategy. Moreover Pegasus created a Twitter and Facebook account several years ago. With which they keep close touch with their customers. Social media has been a great hype lately. Since the early 2000s social media became a great way to communicate with friends, relatives and even colleagues . Soon enough companies found out that social media is good way to make commercials. Pegasus automatically focuses on the youth as their target group. This is a target group that has been increasingly integrating social media such as Facebook and Twitter into their daily life. The youth of today is the customer of tomorrow! That is the main reason that we think that the relatively good relationship between Pegasus and its customers will be continued in the future. ————————————————-

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