Pediatricians versus Surgical Nurses

Surgical Nurses and Pediatricians can somehow relate to one another, based on the fact that they both care for the well-being of their patients. The differences between these two occupations are the average years of medical school, the environment, and their salary.

On page 58 of “Careers in Medicine” by Leanne Currie-Mcghee, a pediatrician must meet the educational requirements before graduating high school, the classes required are: chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, or other math and science classes before going to college. According to the article “Pediatrician Facts”, in the section “Interesting Pediatrician Facts” becoming a pediatrician can take a lot of hard work and dedication.

First, they must complete an undergraduate degree, followed by 4 years of medical school at a university or college. In the book “Careers in Medicine” on page 58 titled “How Do You Become a Pediatrician?”, the section labeled “Education”, it states that in the first 2 years of medical school, students are required to select the following classes; chemistry, human anatomy, microbiology, physiology, pharmacology, and neuroanatomy.

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The last 2 years of medical school students should take clinical classes, so they could be able to interact with patients. In addition, they must also obtain a Bachelor’s degree, and a 5 year internship or residency at a pediatric facility. It takes approximately 11 years of schooling in order to be a pediatrician. Pediatricians deal with the issues or problems of their patients, and provide physicals or check ups if required. They are in charge of a variety of operations such as check-ups, diagnosing an illness, prescribing medicines or treatments, checking on the patient’s medical history, and finding out test results.

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Also, they keep an eye on a patient’s physical and developmental behavior once they are born. They also advise the patient to commit to a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants and any child 18 or under. Pediatricians often take care of adults under the age of 21. Parents can select a pediatrician before their child is either born or adopted. Once the children become adults, they are then allowed to choose if they want to visit an adult primary care physician, or a family medicine doctor. Different types of pediatricians work in different subjects such as, hematology, critical care, gastroenterology, oncology, surgery, etc.. Pediatricians often work in a clinic; and others work in hospitals. In the United States, a pediatricians average salary ranges around $81 an hour but get paid more in other states, such as Iowa and Nebraska. As stated in the research book on page 56 “Careers in Medicine” by Leanne Currie-McGhee, that during 2015 the average salary for a pediatrician was $171,300; it also states that in the “Future Job Outlook” by 2024 there will be a 10 percent increase of pediatricians.

In the article “How to Become A Surgical Nurse”, in order to become a surgical nurse, you must first become a registered nurse; which involves earning a nursing degree and passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses(NCLEX-RN). It will take 4 years to earn a Bachelor’s Degree, 2 additional years for a Medical Surgical Nurse degree(MSN),and 2 to 4 additional years in order to get a PhD. Surgical nurses provide assistance during difficult surgery procedures. They are present during surgeries and offer needed supplies to the doctors performing the surgeries. They can also be referred to as theatre nurses or scrub nurses, since they do more than what typical nurses do. These nurses assist surgeons with different types of tasks before, during and after a surgical procedure. Surgical nurses are allowed to give medicine, perform surgical wound care, and provide additional care to the patient if the lead surgeon requests. Different types of surgical nurses either specialize in pediatric surgery, obstetrics, cardiac surgery, etc.. Before a procedure, a surgical nurse is required to work closely with the patient. They must explain the procedure to the patient, which involves giving them instructions and reassuring them about what is happening. During a procedure, surgical nurses are responsible for keeping track of a patient’s vital signs, passing surgical instruments to the surgeon, and running surgical equipment during the course of a procedure.

Once the procedure has begun, a surgical nurse is allowed no time to rest, along with all members present during the surgery. A surgical nurses typical environment is either being in an operating room, surgical ward, or an emergency care center. Surgical nurses regularly require you to work a long amount of hours, being under a lot of stress, and exposure to some uneasy sights. They have to make sure that the surgery goes as smooth as possible, without any mishaps or issues. They help transport the patient after surgery to recovery rooms or intensive care units where they take care of them. They must keep the patient calm and at ease. A surgical nurse is usually required to assist the patient with dressing, feeding, and any other instructions provided by the surgeon. Without a Surgical Nurse, a Surgeon may not perform well during surgery. Surgical nurses earn between $65,400 to $67,100 per year.

In conclusion, both pediatricians and surgical nurses take more than 5 years in order to become certified, have different environments, and earn different salaries. I believe that each career will benefit for those who enjoy working in that profession. Although a Pediatrician makes more than a Surgical Nurse, it is always important to focus on what you feel is right for you. These two careers both a huge amount of responsibility. There are major differences in the environment of a pediatrician and a surgical nurse, but they mainly focus on their patient. Both occupations require skills such as responsibility, seriousness, and staying calm. A Surgical Nurse and Pediatrician both supply assistance in the overall mental health of their patients and requires effective communication to help connect with them.

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