Pearl Harbor and 9/11 Essay

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Pearl Harbor and 9/11

Both the Pearl Harbor and 9-11 attacks have many similarities. Including their impact they had on the Americans. The Pearl Harbor and the 9-11 attacks on the country of America left a lasting effect on those who are “We the people”. The patriotic swell and comfort given to fellow citizens arose from committing people, and not from national sovereignty, because it is people, which comprise a government. Although the enemies of the United States of America tried to tear the country apart, the patriotism that was born showed the world that they have done the exact opposite.

While the United Kingdom declared war on Germany, America had some prior thought that Japan was going to attack. But the government did not know when or where. Not even the Japanese ambassadors that met with US Secretary of State, knew what would happen to their enemies. They had even met 30 minutes after the attack on Pearl Harbor. At 7:00am a switchboard operator noticed a large formation of aircraft approaching the island of Oahu. Thinking it was planes that they were expecting from California, they had dismissed the idea of this being an attack.

At 7:55 it was too late to warn the Americans who were still asleep. There was no warning. The Japanese planes bombed airfields covered with air planes lining tip to tip. The second batch was dispatched to the navel field in the Pacific Ocean where most of America’s carriers and destroyers had been anchored. The USS Arizona sunk while many other ships capsized. Japan only lost 29 of their 350 planes. Sadly, America’s loss was much greater than that of their enemies. Not many people will forget the day 9-11 happened.

Almost everyone who is asked, who had witnessed the attack, can remember where they were or what they were doing that day when they heard the terrible news. At 8:45 in the morning, a hijacked jet crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center. People all over thought it was an accident until the observers saw a second plane crash in to the north tower of the World Trade Center. It is horrifying to watch those clips over and over on the television and on the Internet. By 10:30 that day, both towers had crashed onto the streets below.

About half an hour later, another hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon. Then, ten minutes later, another plane crashed in Pennsylvania, because the passengers on that plane had tried to stop the hijackers, and had made the plane crash. Because of the bravery of these people, many lives were spared. When you think about the similarities of these two dates you actually see a lot. They were both surprise attacks. Only some people knew in advance that something like this would happen, but they didn’t know when or where. Both attacks were devastating. On the attack on Pearl Harbor, 2,500 people died.

On 9/11, 3,000 people died. At Pearl Harbor, Japanese fighters sunk, capsized or destroyed more than 21 ships, and destroyed more than 200 airplanes. On 9/11, not only the World Trade Towers collapsed but many other buildings in the area were damaged as well. They also became great patriotic memorabilia. Slogans like “Remember Pearl Harbor” and “God Bless America” showed up on people’s cars and pins. The differences of these two are very crucial. The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese was an act of war. On the other hand the September 11th attacks were terrorist attacks.

They were a group of people that didn’t like America because of what America stands for, so they decided to become martyrs and kill Americans. They also did it more out of anger than the Japanese The United States of America has suffered from several attacks in her history; with Pearl Harbor and 9-11 being the most infamous. Although enemies have tried to tear her apart, these attacks have done the exact opposite. Even though hundreds and thousands of people have died, because of these events, they have made the Americans more unified. Patriotism and loyalty grew immensely, despite the horrors of the aftermaths of the attacks.

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