Pearl Harbor Essay

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Pearl Harbor

“Injustice any where is a threat everywhere,” as Martin Luther King stated. It varies from bullying to unjust workers. The Holocaust is a great example of injustice. Innocent Jewish people were killed for just being of their faith. Racial Discrimination and bullying are a few other examples of injustice that are prevented. This could have been prevented, granted people did not act as fast as they did to follow Hitler. Such injustice should keep from happening in the future. Injustice comes in many ways and forms. From bullying to unfair judging of others.

The Holocaust was a great example of injustice. The Jewish community did not deserve such torment for being Jewish. In World War 2 Adolph Hitler wanted to clear Germany of all Jews and turn Germany into a communist country. The injustice that was happening in Germany was spreading across Europe. Eventually other countries like Italy and Russia were under the influence of communism. This injustice was spreading across Europe . The United States found this to be unjust and had to interfere because they found this to be a threat to them.

War crimes such as this are perfect examples of injustice. Another example is the racism of the 60’s. There was so much fighting towards the Black population and it was unfair. The African-American population had been seeking freedom and equal rights since slaves were freed. Dr. Martin Luther King tried to make equal rights true for all. He did such and succeeded, which led to equal rights and no more racial discrimination. There are many more ways that injustice shows up in history but these are some main examples.

Even from a simple shove to a kid you do not like to something as upscale as the Holocaust, injustice should be prevented. Injustice may be widespread, but it can be stopped. The Holocaust and Racial Discrimination were unjust, but they were stopped, which proves that any injustice can be stopped. You could do something as little to tell a bully to stop. Whenever given the chance stop injustice, take it. It can be prevented in large organizations also. Such groups come together to talk about and help others experiencing injustice in their lives.

People can do much more to prevent injustice than they think. Always speak out against injustice because you could save a life. Those who dared to speak out in the Holocaust were killed, but their death was not in vain. These people led to the freedom of the Jews. This proves that speaking out against injustice can save people. In conclusion, injustice can be prevented in many different ways. You can do anything from stopping a bully to starting an organization. Injustice comes in many ways and forms. No matter what way injustice is seen, you should do what you can to prevent it.

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