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Peace Project Essay

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Peace Project

Writing is more than speech written down. Because of its permanence and its one-way nature, writing is more elaborate and orderly than speech. We can write more carefully and more accurately than we can speak. This is why educating children with writing is very vital so that they will trained to pen down their thoughts clearly. Through WordWeavers project, children are taught to write on a wide variety of topics and explore many different writing styles.

They are also encouraged to comment on the writing of other participants and write about the writing process itself, telling about what type of writing they enjoy most, how they get their ideas, what they do when they are having trouble, etc. Although WordWeavers is a simple project, children will be basically trained in the process of writing itself where they will be exposed to weaving their own ideas to words and putting it all in paper. Peace Project (Serenity Quest) http://kidspace. kidlink. org/kidspace/start. cfm? HoldNode=8131&HoldNav=614

Currently, as the world changes its order, many nations are still at war. One example of this is what happened in Israel and Lebanon. As reflective, competent, and concerned citizens of the 21st century, we are constantly confronted with questions about war and peace. In answering, citizens will be forced to balance immediate national interests with those of the world as a whole. With the Peace Project, students will be enjoined to comment about issues of violence, race, war and peace.

Irrespective of their curriculum and the country, all educators will develop problem solving and communication skills for the children to live successfully in the Digital Age. This project directly focuses on these skills as the children discuss the social problems of violence in the neighborhood. They are also encouraged to develop strategies to cope with violence and to identify methods of inducing peace in their neighborhoods. After this, they will be motivated to read and write for themselves their own realizations about the issues tackled.

Peace Project is subtle initial step for children to spark peace within their surrounding and this will make them realize that how better would the world become if everyone will try to respect and understand each other. e-Pals Safe Browser http://safebrowser. epals. com/en/ As the Internet becomes more and more becoming a vital source of information, it is essential that children learn to use it. However, dangers about pornography and inappropriate information could be derived from it. This is why the ePALS Classroom Exchange, Inc.

, a school-safe email and eMentoring technology for K-12, has come up unique child-safe web browser project to surf safe and educational websites only. The ePALS Safe Browser allows parents and teachers to pre-determine the websites that their child or students are allowed to visit, creating a fully contained and protected environment. The ePALS Safe Browser offers a level of protection and does not allow linkage to outside websites: Parents and school administrators create a totally safe and controlled online environment. This project is helpful so that children would be able to experience how to use the Internet.

They would be able to read only useful and helpful information that will target to increase their knowledge. Square of Life http://www. k12science. org/curriculum/squareproj/index. htm Learning about the environment is helpful for children to understand the concepts about conservation and preservation of nature. One exemplary project is called the Square of Life: Studies in Local and Global Environments Project. This is an Internet-based collaborative project in which students will investigate their local environment and share that information with other students from around the country and the world.

In this project, the participants will identify living and non-living things in their school yards, share their findings with other participating classes, look for similarities and differences in the reported data and prepare a their own final report or presentation based on their findings. The fun part of this project will be the field trips where children will be able to explore biology and nature with their own eyes. The experience derived will be the basis for their thoughts and discussions.

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