Peace Movements Which Change the Future of the World Essay

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Peace Movements Which Change the Future of the World

In the past, there had been tremendous amounts of struggles by many people in the world. Actions of activism and rebellion was often heard during the past years specifically during the 1930’s up to the 1970’s was the height of the realization that reform and actions should be made in order to create changes within their countries. In the early years of our history, it had been a trend for different nations to impose violence whenever there are conflicts or disagreement.

After a misunderstanding had happened between two nations there is an immediate action which then results to war which later on lead to hundreds and thousands of deaths, destruction of the nation and ruined society. War is obviously an action in order to hinder and go against the action of a state but then, the effects of such event will also not result to any positive effect which the nation whom should be well protected. One perfect example was the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars which are both launched by the United States. Truly, peace was attained by the nation.

In definition, the peace which had been used pertains to capturing the states of Iraq and Afghanistan to be controlled by the United States of America. It is correct that there a certain amount of peace which could be felt but then, many civilians needed to risk their lives for the war which should not involved them. Some individuals even die due to the violent encounters which the American soldiers and the native guerrillas had. After the attacks and encounters or the different sides, the effect to the people living in the region is tremendous.

It is not only that they are affected with sickness but they are traumatized and are deeply affected psychologically which then results to various effects. Violence had been the direct answer to the problems of states but then, it is something that should not be done anymore because it causes more damage than the actual issue. With the continuous years of fighting and advocacy, various individuals have presented their own beliefs and strategies in order to attract attention and be acknowledged by the people whom are in need to have knowledge regarding concerns.

One of the most popular actions in which had done by different activists is the civil disobedience. In the early stages of governance there had been numerous controversies had been launched in the public which then becomes an issue to the government and the nation. One of those few issues had been the actions of the government towards the people. One of the great theorists in the 1800s Henry David Thoreau have created an action regarding this theory.

Brought about by the various actions of the government and the society, Henry Thoreau have realized about the actions which could be done by the people due to the unrightful actions of their government. Thoreau believed that the people which are ruled by the government have the right to resist the action of the government if they judge that their rights are being stepped upon. (Thoreau, n. p. ) Thoreau clearly stated that the government, in which the people have fully trusted and laid upon all their rights, also had the tendency to abuse the power which is given to them.

In addition, he said that a person within the office could influence and immediately change the policies if he or she wanted to in order to fill the desire of her heart. These selfish actions often affect the people which have fully trusted the government and its policies. Although the people had entrusted their rights to the officials who were elected, the society still has the right to disagree and resist the plans which was made by the government. Just like how the great leaders of our time had done.

Resisting is one way of showing the governing leaders that their actions will not supplement the people but only impose violence and conflict to different kinds of society which is present in the country. Not only that Thoreau stated resistance but he also proclaimed a peaceful action with civil disobedience. (Thoreau, n. p. ) Many years now, civil disobedience had gained popularity among the people of different nations. Based on history, the very first individual who was well known in practicing peaceful activism was Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi is an individual who has an Indian descend.

He had lived in the South Africa and had finished a degree in law in the United Kingdom. He was the person who led the Indians against the unequal ruling of the British in England. However, he did not adhere to the violent actions his other fellows who believed that they should fight against the British the same way. He promoted the concept of a peaceful movement to counter the discrimination regarding the treatments to Indians. (Attenborough, n. p. ) Later on, he was able to go to India in order to fight for his country and the slavery which was being experienced by the citizens.

During the time he was in India, he was acknowledged by the people to be their savior. He was accepted and was treated like a king. However, he was not someone who believes in that kind of lifestyle. Instead, chose to remain in a simple home with people whom he values. In the movie which was presented to the public. The life and beliefs of Mahatma Gandhi had been revealed and truly, his life was something which all of us would not be able to do due to the great sacrifices he had made.

In the movie which presented the life of Mahatma Gandhi and all the great events which happened during the fight of many Indians in the harsh and violent treatment of their British colonizers. Within the first few months of Gandhi’s battle with the British colonizers, he was not able to fully create a huge action for the people thus, he still did not know how and what exactly he should do. In Britain, he fought with different fight with different people. Although he was also fighting for peace and equality among peoples of different ethnicity, the up bringing of people was different.

Most of the individuals he was with in Britain were educated and really have a clear idea of what they really wanted for themselves. Gandhi and Indians knew what they needed and wanted at that time while the Indians who were residing in their native country were still lost of what they want and need to do for themselves. (Attenborough, n. p. ) This was the problem which was faced by Gandhi during the moment. He needed people to cooperate and see the vision that he sees in order for his views to be attained.

At first, it was very difficult for Gandhi to attain the peaceful protests which he desired because many Indians were angry with the British ruling. Controlling and limiting the violent actions were the first things that Gandhi needed to instill his fellow Indians. Gandhi needed to encourage and prove to people that peaceful actions towards to harsh colonizers will be that most effective act that they could possibly do for the people and for themselves. After humongous acts to present that peaceful activism are the best procedure to do, he was able to counter the violent approach made by the British Army.

One of the most successful actions he had done was the protest for the Indian nation to have right for salt which could be easily accessed in the seas of India. Having the power and freedom to be able to have a spice which they could regularly use in their daily living had became one of the many things Gandhi had attained for his fellow Indians. (Attenborough, n. p. ) Martin Luther King Jr. on the other hand was someone who was changed the society of the United States of America.

Through many years, the African American community in the United States had been under the harsh treatment of the white Americans due to the classicism in which had been present in the country’s society. For many years, the African American people suffered inequality and violence among the society. Most African Americans were slaves who often served the white Americans all their lives. Some of them are even attached to the slavery of their forefathers for a very long time. As years pass by, the African Americans have realized that what and how they are treated is not something that they deserve.

This is when Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. started to lead the way for many African Americans to their way out of the slavery and inequality they are receiving. (Garrow,232 ) Martin Luther King Jr. made great changes in the society through the speeches and words that he provided the people. His words of wisdom and knowledge encourage the people are well as lighted the hearts of the people to see that changes which Luther wanted for the African American nation. Just like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. had utilized the technique of peaceful activism using civil disobedience.

The act of civil disobedience did not come easy for many of the African American individuals who joined the rallies and the mass gatherings. Although most of them act peacefully in order to attain the equality they wanted, the government officials mostly counter their actions with violent. Most of the time, the actions which is being imposed by the police and other government offices leads grave physical injuries or even death of hundreds of people. (Garrow, 231) After many years of struggles with the discrimination and the unequal treatment with the African American people, they finally had the equal rights in which they deserve to have.

With all the encouraging speeches and the enlightening learning which Martin Luther King imparted, he was able to lead the people through his influence and his words. His unique action of peaceful civil-disobedience had added up to the charm which many people have seen in him. Luther’s actions and words had passed through many generations as well as the other activists who believed in acts of civil disobedience. Martin Luther King Jr. made a history for the United State as well as in the lives of many African American people. (Garrow, 83)

Currently, the lives of different the nation of the United States of America is more diverse, giving more opportunities not only to the African American people but also to those to different immigrants who had gave their lives to work for the Americans. The changes that Martin Luther King Jr. paved way to be imposed were not only something for the African Americans but also for all the people in the United States. He educated mot people that African Americans are not individuals who were meant for slavery but people who had the same rights as other human beings.

He taught the African American people to fight for their right to equality and right to get what they deserve just like any other individuals residing in the state. Luther gave people the right kind of mind set in order for them to fight for their rights in a peaceful way which then presents the government that they should be treated accordingly with respect unlike in the past. In his letter from the Birmingham Jail, he wrote his grief and disappointment in the government for the unrighteous actions which they are doing.

Many of the policies which he was negotiating with the people of the government were mostly delayed and were not given direct actions which lead to more conflicted actions. More protest and more violence had been occurring due to the delaying tactics made by the officials. In the letter, he laid all the hardships and in equality which most his people are facing due to the society’s norms and traditions which came from the government’s law makings. He directly stated in one direct action of violence there is a great tendency that it will also affect many in the long run.

His letter in Birmingham encouraged different people in the making a stand and do more actions of sit-ins and peaceful protests in various parts of the United States. (Garrow, 231) Cesar Chaves is another of the many symbolic figures within the Latin American community. Like the actions which are done by the previous leaders, Chaves was also a person who advocated equal rights among the people of United States. As an immigrant worker, Chaves had experienced all the hardships and heart aches that his people faced in order for them to earn money for their families.

He was also able see the sacrifices in which his people were able to do due to the work that they needed to do for various farms in California. Chaves could see how various workers were able to do work for the land owners which then caused them health problems such as permanent back pains and etc. Having such kind of work made the workers need to work harder than ever with a very, very low salary. With such monetary and dangerous health conditions which many of the farmers faced, Chaves stated to raise the awareness of different people that there is a need for change and renewal of the system directing the farmers.

(Telles and Tejada-Flores, n. p. ) This led to the actions of Chaves to guide the people in attaining the rights which they need in order for them to have a proper life which they deserve. In comparison to action in which Gandhi had done, Chaves similarly imitated almost all the actions he could possibly absorb from Gandhi. All the possible traits, beliefs, actions and decisions were mostly taken from Gandhi. He might not literally think of it but he was someone like Gandhi. Compared to Gandhi, Chaves also raised the awareness that people should fight for their rights in order for them to be heard.

In addition, he also used civil disobedience as well as advocating to not buying products from producers who do not provide enough compensation for their workers. With similar actions of not buying products of a certain brand made people realize how grave the problem in the agricultural industry as well as their treatment to their workers. (Telles and Tejada-Flores, n. p. ) Due to the peaceful actions done by Chaves, he was able to create changes in the policies which the government provides for immigrant workers.

Not only the people in California where given these rights but also all the farm workers in the United States of America. In addition Chaves advocated the rights of animals and due to this, he converted himself to be a vegetarian in which Mahatma Gandhi also lives by. In conclusion, all the leaders and theorist has the same desire for all the actions they have taken. All of them—Henry Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. , and Caesar Chavez had been part of the many changes which had occurred to the live of various societies in the world.

All of them planed to seek equality and resisted the violence which if lead by laws, rules and norms of the society. Through this, all of them had attained equality and peace. Work Cited Thoreau, Henry David. 1849. “Resistance to Civil Government. ” Microsoft Encarta Premium 2006 ed. Attenborough, Richard dir. “Gandhi. ” Perf. Ben Kingsley and Candice Bergen. 1982. Columbia Pictures. Garrow, David J. “Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King, Jr. , and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference” New York: HarperCollins, 2004 Telles, Ray and Rick Tejada-Flores, dir. “The Fight in the Fields. ” 1996.

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