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Essay on Peace

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The Role of United Nations in Peace Movement

Barash David P.,2000;Approaches to peace ;Oxford University Press: New York Barash David P., Webel Charles P.;Introduction to peace and conflict studies ;Sage publications, California Darby, John(s) ed. 2003; Cotemporary Peace Making; Palgrave Macmillan Press; New York. The Unied Nations Today; 2008; Published by United Nations Department of Public Information ; New York. Rahid Harun ur; introduct...

Inner Peace- religion

Sufism is an Islamic theology that began to develop in the first century of Islam. Sufism stresses that the traveler on the spiritual path must first abandon himself or herself to the will of God and then only will God’s peace enter their heart. A frequent Sufi proclamation is: “There will be no peace until there is inner peace”. The Australian Centre for Sufism and Irfanic Studies offers c...

Analysis of Pivotal Moment in "A Separate Peace"

When Brinker asked Finny if he had ever considered that he didn’t just fall out of the tree, implying that someone pushed him, Gene describes Finny’s reaction as it “touched an interesting point Phineas had been turning over in his mind for a long time. I could tell that because his obstinate, competitive look left his face as his mind became engaged for the first time.” (Pg.169) Finny is ...

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Analysis "A Separate Peace" by John Knowles

Gene merely can not manage the fact that Finny is so compassionate, so athletic, so perfect. As he put it, 'Phineas could acquire away with anything.'(18), In order to protect himself from accepting Finny's compassion, Gene creates a soundless competition with Finny and convinced himself that Finny is intentionally trying to destroy his school assignment. Gene decides he and Finny are covetous of ...

Outline the concepts of just war and pacifism

Therefore, due to the inconsistencies evident in Pacifism, most Christians still accept that the use of violence can be justified in the society. To conclude, Pacifists do believe that the weaknesses of a just war theory does outweighs its strengths simply because, it lacks purpose and morality. However , others do have different views; which means that they actually accept the principles of the j...

Communal harmony: need of the hour

Attrocities are being committed in our country, day in and day out, in the name of caste, sect, community, social and economic differences and divergent political veiwpoints. Extremists and terrorists who have let loose the reign of terror in some parts of our country and have killed hundreds of innocent and peace-loving citizens, are being lionised as martyrs. It is our bounden duty, as patriotic...

Can war ever be justified?

They added that the war must be fought only as a last resort; so if there is another way of achieving one’s just end, the war will not be just. There must be a reasonable hope of success. The war must be aimed to produce more good than harm, and it is wrong to use methods of warfare that cause more injuries and deaths than necessary. Therefore as to conclude, one must say that war has its rules ...

The role of the youth in the peace process

The wrong school is the wrong mentality acquired over the years. The key to complete these is allowing youth the time and space and putting your trust to them to take up the initiative to act. By these, the youth’s role is now finally clear: We are the agents towards the positive change, We are the main actors for the world peace. Therefore, if youth are only viewed as powerless and trouble make...

Susan Griffin on Weaponry and Human Relationships

This essay could very easily be broken down into three stories: one about the original essay, another about the advancement of weaponry, and finally about cellular function and development. All these concepts are tied together with relationships. She also does a magnificent job in comparing and contrasting weaponry and cellular development. The effects of the weapons used during the war affected ...

A Seperate Peace (Symbolism)

Another example of symbolism is the two rivers, the Devon and the Naguamsett River. The Devon represents Finny and the Naguamsett River describes Gene. Both rivers are symbolisms of their personalities. The Devon River is described as fresh and pure. On the other hand, the Naguamsett River or is described as ugly, saline, and muddy with seaweed. Finny's personality is linked with the purity of the...

A separate peace movie

In conclusion the movie is a good idea but is poorly executed, and unfortunately lacks the novel's symbolism, many key features, and minor but helpful details. The movie inadequately portrays of the novel and would be difficult to interpret without first reading the book. That said it is not especially bad if one has read the novel prior to viewing the movie and they compliment each other well....

Role Of Swami Vivekananda in Hinduism

Vivekananda and his fellow monks of the Ramakrishna Order were derisively referred to as “scavenger monks” for their work with the poor and the ill in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in India. Before this time, the role of a sannyasin was understood by most Hindus to involve a complete withdrawal from the concerns of the world, their main focus being meditation, contemplation...

Private Peaceful

He describes the German’s as an invincible wall that cannot be penetrated until he sees the Germans’ falling to their knees and falling over. This helps the reader see the wall and the Germans’ falling to their knees. Olfactory imagery is used when he is in the bunkers in France. Tommy smells men that have not taken showers in weeks and the stench of death. The reader now has an understandin...

Khrushchev Genuinely committed to peaceful coexistence

This shows Khrushchev's attempts at creating a politically divided Europe and represents the Soviets were determined in not allowing one inch of land to be won by their adversaries and may have prompted them, the US, to respond aggressively through military action. Also the deployment of missiles in Cuba also created an atmosphere of hostility and potential for mutually assured destruction through...

Peace essay

Among Tenzin Gyatso and Wangari Maathai was Aung San Suu Kyi. She dedicated her life to liberation and freedom rights. FIghitng in parliament for what she believed in . She was brutally harassed for her many actions against oppression. Her party eventually won 82 precent of the seats in parliament, but the military state voided the results. She was awarded the nobel peace prize for fighting for t...

Peace On Earth

These are all glittering examples of patriots who sacrificed their lives for peace in their country. In Summation, Peace on Earth is the mother of progress. Without it, a nation, let alone a world cannot make any progress. For peace is a blossoming flower, growing in each and every one of us. Also, our power of love has been completely replaced by our love for power. However, I think we can change...

Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge Edit

Anderson, C. (2012). The impact of social media on lodging performance. Cornell Hospitality Reports, 12(15). Bitner, M. J. (1992). Servicescapes: The impact of physical surroundings on customers and employees. Journal of Marketing, 56(2), 57-71. Gustavo, N. (2013). Marketing management trends in tourism and hospitality industry: Facing the 21st century environment. International Journal of Marketi...

A Separate Peace-John Knowles

Gene's inner savage and aggressiveness had been nurtured by societies preoccupation with competition, territory and power. Finny's natural goodness has not been corrupted by society, but his innocence caused him to blur admiration with jealousy lead to his death. Finally, the Devon school is the main symbol or rivalry in the novel, which represents the war on a much smaller scale than the war in r...

The Contribution of India Towards World Peace

Similar work was also carried out in Zaire. India has always raised its voice against injustice taking place anywhere in the world so that each one has peace. The oppression of the Blacks by the Whites minority in South Africa was strongly opposed by India. A world opinion was formed against South African policy of apartheid (discrimination based on colour) for the Blacks. It argued for equal righ...

Massacre of Arwal

The report should be made to reach the widest possible audience in the country and abroad. One copy may also be sent to the jury for awarding the Nobel peace Prize since the newspapers in India report that India’s Prime Minister has recommended by some faceless characters for Nobel Peace Prize. The report would provide a lot of material to write the citation on the peace of the graveyards that R...

A Peaceful Classroom leads to having a Peaceful Community

If the students have absorbed all the lessons which they had taken up their a great possibility that they could also With such values and strategies which will be utilized, the multi-cultural course will not be a regular class which will only focus on the issues regarding multiculturalism but also create an impact with the students. Creating a personal attachment to the course will not only create...

Religious Contributions to Peacemaking: Christianity and Islam

This organization actively seek world peace through the use of conferences, publications, speeches and interreligious action, as well as interior work and prayer. Evidently, principal teachings in both Christianity and Islam help to guide and encourage both their roles in the attainment of world peace. The fundamental teachings act as guidelines to be interpreted by current followers in order to p...

An Analysis of Jane Addams’ Newer Ideals of Peace

The author did not fail to give justice to her contemporary views. Although other commentators, like George Mead saw few points that the book lacks knowledge of, Adams surely made another break in the history of America. Her works were full of ideals which were deeply rooted within the foundations of the problems. Many of what she stated could be applicable to the nation’s settings. If individua...

World Peace

For this reason, in order to achieve world peace, we have to start with ourselves. We have to be agents of change and ambassadors of good will. We should learn to live with our neighbors peacefully and do business with each other fairly and honestly. When we start with doing good to other people, we can inspire others to do the same. By paying the good deeds forward, we can multiply the number of ...

Civil Peace

All together, Germany’s opinion on the concept of civil peace and war changed from the beginning of the war until the end. During the proclamation, many people were excited that they could go into war because they were confident in the fact that they would get something out of it to benefit Germany. By the middle, when the effects of being in a total war situation started to sink in, the people ...

Impact of The Pax Romana in History

Although all the period called Pax Romana wash ruled by the Five Good Emperors none of them was inherited the throne, they were all adopted and selected by their predecessor, until Commodus son of Marcus Aurelius was born. Commodus was selected for the throne since he was born and also one of the worst emperors Rome had. He had very bad relations with the Senate which tried to make a coup several ...

The Principle Teachings About Peace in Judaism and Christianity

Through prayer to the lord God, Christians and Jews move closer to achieving inner peace, however, it is only through unmovable faith in God that inner peace can truly be achieved for the individual. However, it is vital for both religious expressions to maintain the equilibrium between prayer and the act of service or work in order to mould the notion of peace to the world as an ongoing fundament...

The Harvest of Justice is sown in Peace

As is the case in Iraq where hundreds of American soldiers have lost their life and thousands other innocent civilians killed by militants and terrorists. It is there fore important to use creative and consistent non violent methods in seeking to find solutions to global problem. The letter also examines some principles of which are important in safeguarding and protecting people from merciless an...

Mahatma Gandhi Apostle of Peace

As aptly announced in a voice choked with grief and emotion by Jawaharlal Nehru, before the Constituent Assembly soon after the tragedy: "The Light is out''. The eminent authoress, Pearl S. Buck, described the assassination as "second Crucifixion''. Einstein remarked: "Generations to come will scarcely believe that such a person as Gandhi ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth''. The statu...

A Separate Peace Chapters 6-10


Jane Addams

This information on social work practice will enable me to practice the anticipated implications of social work directed to social workers. The responsibilities placed on social workers will enable me develop my skills and be able to support people through assessing their needs, options, and circumstances as well as develop support plans and reviews. I will also be able to work with families, impr...

Main Character in A Peaceful Woman by Hasselstrom

She had many personal experiences that made her argument ethical and logical. Although after reflecting on the men that caused such fear in her life, she began to look at her situations from a different point of view. She states that “A pistol is not the only way to avoid being raped or murdered in today’s world, but, intelligently wielded, it can shift the balance of power and provide a measu...

Civil Peace

Achebe believes that the African writer must function as a social critic, and in ‘‘Civil Peace,'' he shares two co-existing views of the postwar Nigerian state. Civil Peace Summary ‘‘Civil Peace’’ opens in eastern Nigeria after the civil war has ended. Jonathan Iwegbu considers himself and his family lucky. He, his wife, Maria, and three of their four children are alive. He even has ma...

Philippine Legend Of Calamba: In War And Peace By Demetrio L. Hilberio

Round and full, she did not return until nighttime."What is the third child's name?""All-Gone.""All-Gone! That is a worrisome name!" said the mouse. "All-Gone. Just what does this mean? I've never seen that name in print," and she shook her head and went to bed. No one invited the cat to serve as godfather a fourth time. Winter soon came, and when they could no longer find anything to eat outside,...

Mikhail Gorbachev: An Advocate of Peace or a Dictator?

He was able to make significant reforms amid constant scrutiny from his constituents. More so, he had proven that irregardless of one's political stance and flaws as a leader, he/she can still make a difference and even bring lasting peace to warring nations. However, his incompetence to make a united Soviet Union had consequently mustered a revolution leaving the economy and the social system in ...

“A Peace to end All Peace”: The Treaty of Versailles

However, some scholars would argue that the treaty was not that bad after all. For instance, Jaron Sandy (1999) believed that it was the “best compromise possible,” though it “was certainly not the best one could hope for.” He agrees that it was “comprehensively harsh” on Germany, but it did not fail as a solution for peace, because there was a “period of relative stability” in Eur...

FAQ about Peace

How Tourism Promote Culture of Peace

...The ultimate aims of tourism should be heading towards creating a better quality of life for all people, tolerance, economic sustainability and the reduction of structural violence. It has been argued that tourism is a positive force able to reduce t ...

To what extent did the Paris Peace Settlement pave the way for the Second World War

...Although Japan had carried out a massive attack towards China, it was not an immediate cause of WWII as only with the aggression of Japan, it was not such influential that it could cause a world war. Due to the failure of collective security, Japan b ...

How Far Was the Nuclear Arms Race a Threat to World Peace

...Neither country wished to disrupt peace but simply lived in fear of the other country developing a more powerful weapon they could confront the other with, or succeeding them in space technology and thus being the better nation. Although any confront ...

How Peace Can be Achieved

...The power of science should be used for human welfare alone. Scientist should put a check on its use for destructive purposes. The people and the politicians should unite and work for world peace. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the dang ...

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