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An U.S. Army Colonel talked (use another word besides talked or restructure the sentence so that you won’t have to use the “talked”) about Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment issues at the SHARP (what is sharp?) training meeting. (I think this lede is a bit vague and boring)

In the battle against sexual assault and sexual harassment Col Howard Covington continuously work in sending the message that we are failing in this matter. “Working together is what can provide continuity of care to the victims and make them feel that they are not left behind” said Col Harold Covington, an Executive officer.

He also indicated that commanders are responsible to establish a command climate that is safe to Soldiers soldiers shouldn’t be capitalize and civilians alike through training and education. “Many people had been hurt and many soldiers have not been held responsible for their acts because commanders are failing to implement the “zero tolerance policy” and allowing climate of harassment to continue in their units” said CPT Jen Taylor, a U.S. Army IG advisor. We all have a responsibility to take action to change our culture to eliminate an “enemy that lies within our ranks” responded Col Covington .

We need to demonstrate through our words and actions the importance in this matter. CW2 this isn’t
a recognizable title maybe it should be spelled outMichael Dilts, an HR officer said that to protect the victims and re-ensure they are not re-victimized must be a first priority in every command “we have the option of geographically separate the victim and the alleged offender” the victim has the preference to request her/his preferences. He added.

This is very confusing and shouldn’t be a sentence but maybe added to the previous sentence or add more attributions SFC Angel Keen, a logistician NCOIC said, “I’d seen cases where the victim doesn’t have this option because commander prioritizes the mission first and not the victim situation.” SFC Terry Brown said “many sex harassment situations don’t go forward because there is not witness or proof that incident occurred, basically end in her word again his words.”

He added, Situations like this are hard to resolve because you don’t want to hurt an innocent or you don’t want a harasser be free (this should be in quotations and why is the situations capitalized?). Col Covington responded, “Reporting procedures are very important and every individual need to know them. We are failing because many individuals don’t know what to do in a case of sexual harassment or sexual assault.”

We need to continuously send the message to everyone that we are not tolerating sexual acts and our policy is in practice. CPT Taylor said, “How can we help those victims that failed to report sexual incidents because they feel blamed and they think that nobody will believe them.” Cold Covington responded, “We need to keep sending the message to the victims that we are here for support and to fight against sexual assault and sexual harassment acts.” CW2 Michael Dilts said all soldiers most be treated properly and succeed in an environment that allow them to achieve their best potential.

The Army’s SHARP policies apply to everyone regardless of the ranks, age, gender, and are sexual orientation neutral. “An individual’s sexual orientation is a personal and private matter” he added. Army’s policy on sexual harassment covers Family members and soldiers 24/7. Suggestive comments are unwelcome, unwanted and sexual in nature constitute sexual assault and is a crime. Col Covington said, “We need to stop the quid pro quo and eliminate the hostile environment in our Army.”

If we don’t start working in these two areas, we won’t be able to protect our soldiers. Sexual Harassment is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Complaints are processed IAW AR 690-600 and 29 CFR Part 1614. Physical contact such as grouping and fondling constitutes sexual assault and is punishable under UCMJ, and other Federal and local civilian laws. (this isn’t a good closing paragraph and I think this should be towards the middle of this article)



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