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Payroll System in Company

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (881 words)
Categories: Computer, Economics, Economics, Economy, Employment, Money, Money Management, Technology, Work, Work
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A payroll system is a method of paying the employees of a company with a proper and just compensation. The company can collect information about the employee, like name, address, age and reflect this information into the payroll system. The system makes the complex calculations, including withholding taxes and paid leave time, and spits out all the figures including the net amount paid to the employee. Attendance monitoring system with finger print scanner is a computer system that monitors the presence of the employee every working day.

This system will determine the number of working days an employee is at present that will be forwarded to the payroll system which will be used to the computation of their net salary. It will also record the time of their arrival at work, those who comes ahead and on time and those who has the most numbers of tardiness.

M-Rex Payroll System and attendance monitoring system with finger print scanner will be an ease to the company.

The admin’s job is to enter each employee’s record just once in the program. The admin will fill in the blank options with basic information about specific employee. Then it will be redirected to the payroll portion where the rate of pay, total salary or a number of other options, the absences and taxes. If anything about the employee happens to change, then the admin can now go back and change certain data. E-mail and SMS Notifications will notify the employees with their attendance report and other important notice through mobile SMS and e-mail.


M – Rex is using an MS Excel based payroll system which is outdated by the current technology. There are flaws in the computation of the employees’ salary because some of the additional pay is not included. They find it very time consuming and it takes so much effort to compute the salary / wage. Another, fraud usually happens it comes to attendance recording/ reporting.


The company is planning to expand their business and to hire additional employees. If this happened their current payroll system cannot accommodate the number of their people because it will take a lot of time and effort for the admin to encode and monitor everything. When it comes to the attendance of the worker there is that instance that an employee cheated. Asking his or fellow employee to punch her dtr to the bundy clock thus making it look like he or she is on time. Overtime pay is sometimes not included and the over break time is not monitored as well.


Payroll plays an important role in the company for several reasons because it keeps the records of the employee salary, bonuses, and increments. Every employee wait for their salary and the companies provide the payroll slips, which include the detail information related to the income of the employee through the help of the attendance monitoring using a biometric scanner. It aims to provide ease to the company particularly the accounting office who manages the computation of the salary. Also, it is looking forward in giving an accurate computation of the employees’ compensation. For attendance monitoring, it keeps records in order and is frequently updated. When seeking employment, an employee can request certain reports to be printed rom the attendance-monitoring system.


It’s specific objective is to generate paychecks and pay stubs. Computerizing this task saves managers and business owner’s time and money; rather than reviewing time cards manually and calculating a check amount based on the hours worked, the payroll system should be designed to automatically calculate these figures. Employees appreciate a timely payroll system as well: it reduces anxiety about receiving checks on time and any anxiety about receiving a check for the wrong amount.

Moreover preventing the employee to sneak around and cheat with their attendance. The system focuses upon imparting better services to the company. It helps the company to maintain its Employee Details, Department Details, Pay Roll Management and Attendance reports., It is highly user friendly. At the design and development stages it ensures data integrity and security. It requires not much computer knowledge to operate this system. Functions such as data entry, addition, deletion, modification, navigation, have been made simpler and interactive and provides a user interface.

Printed Employees’ Records, Updated Employees’ Information, Automated Notifications every 15th and 30th of the month Computerized Recording, Transaction, Updating, Searching, Employees’ Records, Sending Notifications through E-mail and SMS


Employees’ Attendance (finger print)

Automated Notifications every 15th and 30th of the month

Attendance Monitoring System

This diagram explains the proposed system to where the process is being computerized. The process is as follows: Inputs of employees’ will have to place their finger in the finger print scanner, then the process of recording, updating, sending notifications through e-mail and SMS and searching will be manipulated by the computer. The output of the process is the updated employees’ attendance and the automated notifications every 15th and 30th of the month. The aim of this system is to increase the efficiency and productivity of attendance monitoring. It saves labor and time in recording information, inquiring records and updating records. The computerized proposed system utilizes a database for record keeping and record generation.

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