Payable Essay Topics

Butler Lumber Company Analysis

Based on the information and corresponding financial statements provided, we concluded that: Bulter Lumber Company has to collect money from outside resources to compensate its funding gap of 383,000 USD. From the perspective of banker, we won’t approve Mr.Butler ‘s loan request From the perspective of firm’s financial advisor, it is better to finance from… View Article

Advanced Accounting by Guerrero

Chapter 1 Multiple choice answers and solutions 1-1: a Jose’s capital should be credited for the market value of the computer contributed by him. 1-2: b(40,000 + 80,000)  2/3 = 180,000 x 1/3 = 60,000. 1-2: c 1-3: a CashP100,000 Land300,000 Mortgage payable( 50,000) Net assets (Julio, capital)P350,000 1-4: b Total Capital (P300,000/60%)P500,000 Perla’s… View Article

Case Study 08-1: Go With the Flow

$20 million were received from the insurance carrier as reimbursement for a building. The money will be used for the pension plan instead of rebuilding the facility. Sale of Accounts Receivable The Company sold $11million of its accounts receivable and got cash and beneficial interest in the transferred receivables. “The company uses the “financing technique”… View Article

Acct Chapter 13, lecture #1

Break question – Chapter 13, lecture #1 Wilk Co. reported the following liabilities at December 31 of the current year: Accounts Payable – trade 750,000 Short-term borrowings 400,000 Bank loan, current portion $100,0003,500,000 Other bank loan1,000,000 The bank loan of $3,500,000 was in violation of the loan agreement. The creditor had not waived the rights… View Article