Pay it forward Essay

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Pay it forward

I am greatly touched by what the movie shows to me and I also feel so sad for the boy’s pass away at the end. The teacher in this movie not only assign a homework for the students, but also give a chance to the students to think about who they are, how they indentify themselves and what they can do for the whole society. The teacher is an instructor and he instructs his students to begin to consider their role in the society and how to use their actions to influence the world; even they never have such awareness.

At the same time, the teacher acts as a link or bridge between Trevor and his mother. Through this social studies assignment, his mother tries to understand her son’s thoughts and his feeling and tries to communicate with the son. Meanwhile, she is also touched by her son’s “Pay it forward” idea and movement; that’s why she forgives her own mother. In the other hand, Trevor’s mother and his teacher fall in love and get together finally because of Trevor’s help.

Therefore, the teacher works like a link to connect the students with their family and open a door for them to communicate with each other; and meanwhile, the teacher is also involved in the relationship between the families he serves. From my elementary school in my country, the parents and the teachers always told us you were the hope of our country and from now on, every one of you should try to be a useful person for society. However, at that time, I didn’t know what a useful person should be. It has to be a famous scientist, a professor or even a president?

I didn’t know what the society excepted of me. As I grow up day by day, I understand I was not to be expected as a super great person but to be expected to bring some good change to the world like Trevor’s beings. The good changes may be very little such as throwing different kinds of trashes to specific trash ban; and the changes may be a great and valuable development such as developing a new medicine against lung cancer. It really depends on how this person’s power and abilities, but all of them are valuable and are the society’s expectations from us.

For me, I am stronger and have more knowledge than before I was educated, especially on my study areas. The Biochemistry studies of my home country are just developing. Even those industries develop very fast; they still fall behind the United States. That’s why I come here and pursued my master degree at Biochemistry. I hope some day I can go back to home and involve myself to Biology or Biochemistry research areas. After I finished my master degree and worked like a chemist here for more than one year, I have already been in San Francisco for around six years.

Through I chatted to lots of my friends here and so many examples I have seen, I found that the early child education here is more systematic, efficient and scientific, which has lots of fundamentals and theories to obey. Therefore, I backed to college again and study for child development as my another professional area. I hope one day, I can bake to my country to help to institute a more safe and health environment for kids and help every kid to develop as a whole child, not only on physical development, but also on mental and emotional development. From the movie, I understand the power of one person is much larger than we expected.

Trevor initiate “Pay it Forward” movement, and he does a favor for three people and ask each of them to doing favors for three other people and so on, which will like a branch tree of good deeds. The movement will be like a relay race, which more and more people will be involved in and will expand more widely. Therefore, we can say one person may have chain change on the world a lot, whatever is a good change or bad change. Don’t miss doing any good thing no matter how insignificant it looks; don’t do any bad thing no matter how insignificant it looks.

We don’t have to change the world better by doing really great things. When we help our families, friends or even a stranger as much as we can, we already changed the world better even we normally cannot realize that. For me, I will donate my cloths and old toys to the donation center; I will go to do the volunteer in Book Donation Center to help more people can read books and be educated. However, at most of time, I think we should always think of giving a favor to other people in daily life, not only do some specific things in specific time.

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