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Paula and Christina’s Haunted Adventures Essay

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The night was very chilly and all the kids were running, laughing, and having a lot of fun at the third grade’s fall festival. The Roosevelt Elementary school decided to do a haunted house maze. The haunted maze was pitched black and filled with gory decorations. One room had a bed with a dead woman laying on it and the walls were stained with blood. In another section of the maze was a cemetery, where zombies were walking by. The haunted house maze also had a garage where a car was parked and there was also room filled toys and with many clowns.

The children of Roosevelt Elementary were thrill to go inside wondering what they would encounter and how scary it might be. There were two little girls, barely nine year’s old, seeking the frightening adventure, but they were also very scared. One of the little girls was shivering with fear and she slowly walked from room to room looking at the decorations and the scary people.

She knew this was make-believe, but she was still very cautious. The other little girl had made her way into the room where the dead woman was laying on the bed.

She slowly tried to make her way across the room to the other door. She never noticed the woman rising from the bed and was walking towards her very rapidly. The dead, bloody woman touch the little girl, which made her scream and take off running. The little girl ran as fast as she could, turning all corners until she ran straight into the other little girl. They both ended up falling to the ground. Looking up, they both smiled at one another. One little girl says, “Hi, my name is Paula Ramirez. ” The other little girl replies, “Sorry for running into you, my name is Christina Lopez. Paula and Christina help each other get up from the ground and agree to finish the haunted house maze together. They felt less scared and even laugh at some of the scary people. As they are exiting the haunted house maze, Paula tells Christina “wow, this was so much fun”. Christina replies, Paula let’s make a pact, every year we will seek a scary haunted house and we will both go together”. Paula smiles and agrees. Since then Paula and Christina have become best friends and they search for scary haunted houses to visit every year.

The family vanishes in 1925 leaving the sole survivor James Clark. Christina does not read the paragraph, but smiles and turns to Paula and says “perfect”. The two girls get together every day preparing for the trip they will make to the haunted house. They go to the mall and shop for costumes. They buy food so they can take for the road, and plan on when they should head to the haunted house. The night of the haunted house arrives and Christina goes to Paula’s house. Paula is sitting in her room when Christina enters and asks, Paula “Are you ready? Paula replies “of course” Then, the two girls go down the stairs, out the house and enter Paula’s car. Paula drives thirty miles and arrives and Saddle Creek Ranch where the haunted house is located.

The yard is filled with many trees and with old rusted decorations on the lawn. The house has busted windows, and the painting of the house is falling apart. Paula notices that there is two boys standing in the entrance of the house. Paula and Christina exit the car and make their way to the boys. One boy says “Come on Erik, stop being scare and let’s go in already. Erik replied “Scott, if you are so tough you open the door”. Just as soon as Scott was going to touch the door knob the door swings open and a tall dark figure stands there looking at them. The tall dark figure steps forward and says “Do you dare to enter? Beware this may be you last hallows eve” “YES! ” replied all four of them. Paula and Christina follow the two boys and the tall man into the house.

The man leads them into the living room and directs them to stand in a circle. He looks at each one, studying them from head to toe. He says “My name is Mr. Clark; Saddle Creek Ranch is y family’s home. They lived here many years until they all vanish one night, but you can still hear them, and if they want you to, you can definitely see them”. He goes on to give directions and instructions how to enter the house, and to exit the house. When Paula and Christina turn to see each other, Mr. Clark vanishes. A light turns on and leads the group into the kitchen, you hear can hear the water running but the water is off; Paula grabs Christina’s hands and says “this house is different”. The sound of people talking suddenly starts and is very loud that makes Scott jump up.

The group makes their way to the door but the light to the kitchen turns off and then turns on again and leads them to the dining room. As they enter the room the talking suddenly dies down, and a chair is thrown to the group. As the group separates to avoid being hit, the lights go out and it is so dark that Paula cannot see where Christina is at. BANG. Suddenly the lights turn on and Paula looks for Christina, Erik calls out to Scott but he is nowhere to be found. Paula and Christina start to get worried and scare sets in.

Erik starts to whimper, and continues to call for Scott but his call is not answered. Paula and Christina continue to make their way out the dining room and Erik follows. The lights to a hallway turn on and the group passes many rooms, and walk down some stairs. They reach a door it creeks open, Christina turns towards Paula and says, “Paula let’s not go in, we should turn around and go back”, before Paula can reply, Erik replies “let’s just continue this could be the end”. Erik pushes the door open, the room is completely dark, and the lights do not turn on like before.

Suddenly a rustling and whimpering sound begins Christina is so frightened that she begins to cry. Paula hold Christina’s hand so tight and tries to reassure her that everything will be okay. The sounds get louder and louder and suddenly “BANG”. Paula and Christina stop walking, the lights turn on, both girls try to search and look around to see where and what room they are in. Paula is the first to notice that they are in the basement but someone is missing, Erik is nowhere to be found. Christina falls to the floor and begins to sob very loud and yells “Paula, let’s get out, I do not want to be in here anymore! Paula holds back her tears and replies, “Christina we will be okay, I will get us out, I promise”.

Paula begins to look for something that can be a used as weapon, and looks for an exit. Paula finds a hammer, and notices a window. She rushes to it, and then the lights go out again. Seconds pass by but to Paula it seems like an eternity, she calls Christina’s name, “I am here” replies Christina. The lights turn on again; Paula looks to find Christina, and sees Mr. Clark holding her with a knife to her throat. “Did you think I was being funny when I said this would be your last hollows eve? Mr. Clark asked Paula.

Paula replies “this trip was meant to be fun I never imagine it would be like this. ” Mr. Clark looks at her and gives her an evil smile. Then, he says to Paula, “Let’s play a game, if you win you and your friend may leave, but if you lose you and your friend must stay forever. ” Paula thinks for a long minute and nods her head up and down. He looks at Paula for a moment and says “Answer me this if you are correct you and your friend may go. Am I alive or is this your imagination? ” Paula stares at Mr. Clark and responses “you are alive”.

Mr. Clark laughs, “Child, how can I be alive if I died in 1963” replies Mr. Clark. Paula begins to cry along with Christina, and mouths the words “I am sorry”. The lights turn off again, bang, bang, bang. Paula holds her hands out trying to feel for Christina; the lights turn back on again. Mr. Clark is nowhere to be found. Paula grabs Christina’s hand and yells “hurry, the window, now! ” Paula and Christina, crawl out the window, look to see where the car is parked and ran towards it. The girls quickly get in, crying and scare. Paula turns the car on, put it in gear and head out the ranch.

As both Paula and Christina seat in the car crying for a long while Paula breaks the silence and says “Christina, promise me that this will be our last haunted house”. Christina replies “definitely, Paula this was our last one”. The girls continue to drive on the dark road, without realizing the road does not end. Then Christina turns to Paula and asks “Paula, are we getting closer to your house now? ” Paula looks at the road and realizes it’s the road to Saddle Creek ranch. Paula realizes what has happened and turns to Christina and says “Christina, I am sorry but Saddle Creek ranch is our home now. ”

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