Paul Stevens Otellini Essay

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Paul Stevens Otellini

Paul S. Otellini joined Intel Corporation in the year 1974. Since 2002 he had served as the President and the Chief Operating Officer (COO), therefore, he is familiar with the working environment of the company and its corporate culture. In the same year he got elected for the board of directors of the company and later in the year 2005 he became the fifth Chief Executive Officer of Intel after succeeding Craig R. Barrett (Edwards, 2006).

Intel claims to have 80% of the business in the PC processor market and other related business it is one of the Dominant and leading brand in the industry worldwide (McCannon, 2007). The mission and strategies of the company give a sense of direction and focus to the organization which leads to the formulation of strategies and planning that directs to success. Due to this long term association with Intel and the experience Otellini was well aware of the day to day running of the company.

Paul’s mission is to invest in technology and come up with new products that have not been launched in the market so far. Further redefining the brand Intel, enter partnerships with strong global brands such as Apple, Samsung and Nokia. The goal is to come up with HR policies that facilitate them in managing their personal and work life. Otellini had got development of new product plans and transition of current products and management in the organization. His leadership emphasized more on the over all performance of the company.

He reorganized the company but these goals and strategies were aligning with the organizational culture and as he believed in keeping the Intel culture intact in the company that has been in it over the years and manage it in a way that the transition does not affect the over all Intel environment. Choices are made at all level of decision making and it is necessary as there are limited resources and effective allocation requires extensive research and planning. The strategic choices that Otellini faced are like which new product to launch, where to invest more and where to divest.

Among the various opportunities which one to exploit, whether to spend more on marketing or development , these and many are core areas of study and decision making and have a direct impact on the business, its growth and long term goals. Every organization has its own corporate culture which is unique and defines its practice, it comprises of the values and norms and the way people behave and decisions are taken. Intel has a corporate culture where it gives the best opportunities to employees to grow further and explore the innovative world of technology.

The company is famous for its “paranoid” culture as it emphasizes on constant innovation and development where employees are devoted in giving performance and output in teams and make Intel a better working place. Intel attempts to attract the most talented and productive workforce. The working environment is capable of handling employees from diverse backgrounds at one place where they are rewarded and valued for their work in the form of compensations and other cutting edge benefits.

This plays a very positive role because the employees are motivated and their morale is high, this increases employee commitment and over all performance levels. Otellini changed the focus of the organization towards the market and the customer in order to stay ahead of the industry. He made each employee responsible for their work; this self driven plan encourages responsibility among them and leads to less chances of wastage or inaccuracy.

Intel is a place where they nurture the graduates in becoming successful leaders in its hard driving culture through producing innovative products that are beneficial for the community and the customers. Otellini is not new to Intel; he has indeed proved to be one of the greatest leaders that the company has produced, he raised his rank in the company with his hard work and commitment, he had the required experience and leadership skills to run the company in the best possible way and gave Intel the same dynamic leadership that the past successors had given. Above all he already had the Intel experience.

As a leader it is necessary to understand the employees and to be familiar with the emotional intelligent aspect of working only then effective strategies can be drawn that can fit into the culture of the company, during Paul’s leadership Intel earned the highest revenues and earnings in its history, this is one of the proves of the successful implementation of the strategies of Otellini and his team. Recently the global demand for computers has fallen but Intel like other organizations is striving to keep up with the economic crises and make their way through under the leader of Paul Otellini.

His new mission and plans are well defined to employees and the concerned parties due to which there is less chances of break through or failures. Competition today is increasing from new super powers such as India and China (McCannon, 2007). America is losing its dominance therefore effective leaders are the ones who are able to survive this phase and commit constant innovation and efficiency. That is the culture of Intel and this consistency has brought it this far, Otellini’s mission, goals and strategy implementation has kept this culture and spirit of Intel alive.

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