Patton-Fuller Hospital Essay

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Patton-Fuller Hospital

Patton-Fuller Hospital is a community hospital that has remained aiding the community since the year 1975. Yearly examinations have been conducted by self-governing audits to review this year’s financial performance in comparison to preceding years. The financial statement review highpoints the alteration between the audited and unaudited reports classifies the association amongst revenue resources and expenses, despite the fact defining the assets of revenue sources on recording. Financial statement assessments subsidize an excessive level accounting of the statistics controlled in the audit.

Financial statements of audited and unaudited statements contain the same type of statistics. Patton-Fuller Community hospital conducts audits agreement with auditing ethics in the United States. Self-governing Auditors ensure audited the balance sheet of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital as of December 31 of 2009 and 2008. The audited balance sheet reports the assets for 2009 which a sum of $587,767. The audited balance sheet reports the whole assets for 2008 of a total $548,535. The upsurge from 2008 to 2009 is 39,232. Liability total for 2009 is $ 462,153. The liability volume for the year 2008 is $213,450. This was a rise from 2008 to 2009 and the amount of the growth is $248,703. The entire equity and liabilities for 2009 is $587,767 and 2008 $548,535. This is an upturn from 2008 to 2009 with $ 39,232.

In 2009 the total revenues show for $ 462,982 and then for 2008 $ 42,314. This total increase from 20o8 and 2009 is $41,668 according to the audited revenue and expenses annual report. The increase of $25,869 from 2008 to 2009 is shown from the audited revenue and expenses annual report. The year 2009 had $463,293 and 2008 had $437,424. The effects of revenue can be seen on the financial reporting by the fluctuations versus the expenses. From year to year you can see the fluctuation in revenue for the hospital. The revenues and expenses are grouped together by total revenues, total expenses, and net income. The total revenues include net patient revenues and other revenues. The total expenses include salaries and benefits, supplies, utilities, and depreciation. The net income shows the non-operating income (loss) as well as the investment income. By grouping the revenues and expenses it will help with separation and looking at the reports.

The Patton – Fuller Community Hospital’s revenue comes from a variety of sources, this includes net patient revenue and other different types of revenue. The revenue has definitely increased from 2008. When comparing the revenue received by the hospital to its operating expenses the difference lies in what revenue items are included in each ratio formula. In 2008 the total operating revenue is less than the total operating expenses therefore; the hospital operated at a loss and gave them a negative operating margin. In 2009 the total operating revenue exceeds the total operating expenses therefore; the hospital had a profit that year. As a result there was a positive operating margin. The way in which a hospital’s revenues and expenses are grouped for planning and control varies from hospital to hospital. At Patton-Fuller Community Hospital, the expenses are grouped by salaries and benefits, supplies, interest, and a lot more.

During salaries, the staff of the hospital must be paid for the work they do. Members of the staff (therapist or surgeons) have a highly qualified job in which they have spent more time in education which causes them to have higher wages. During benefits, there are hospitals who offer benefits for the employee and their family with a discount. This can be very expensive for the hospital. The hospital needs supplies in order to fulfill their duty and many of the supplies are expensive as well as cheap. Because the hospital has to order the supplies in large quantities, it becomes very expensive. Interest is another expensive thing that the owners of the hospital have to deal with. With the hospital building costing so much, it leads to the owners taking a big mortgage out to pay for the building. When a mortgage is being taking out, interest develops. Another reason for an interest to develop is a loan to buy high price technology or machinery. There are many ways that Patton- Fuller Community Hospital grouped for planning and control for revenues and expenses.

Inclusive the analysis of the financial statement originate many constructive results and the audited information and unaudited information enclosed the equivalent data. The revenue sources ensured a confident influence on the hospital and will lead to forthcoming development. Patton-Fuller Hospital Revenue review did not disclose any concealed problems. Financial managers need to carry on making assessments of the daily actions.


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