Patton Fuller Financial Statements Essay

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Patton Fuller Financial Statements

Financial statements hold a great deal of information on them and there are many things to consider when reviewing them. A financial statement can be audited or unaudited which vary in expense information. There are effects of revenue sources to consider and businesses have a different revenue every year. They can either be close in dollar amount or could vary significantly. The financial goal to how much revenue a business wants to make should be set in order to plan and control for expenses that the business must pay for in case of emergencies. Financial statements are very detailed and are well informative of the financial status of a business.

Audited Versus Unaudited

In the Patton-Fuller revenue and expense statement report, the audited or unaudited financial statements vary in their particular expense information. A considerable reduction in the analysis of income is the fundamental procurement of every doubtful account. The distinct term refers to fixed number of accounts receivable that will eventually become bad debt or standardized as unvaluable funds. A statement furnished concerning all third party reports shall always demonstrate the distribution of doubtful accounts noteworthy as an expenditure (Baker & Baker, 2011). Management of the doubtful accounts have a million dollar increase particularly on the audited statement report in comparison to the unaudited report. All the allotments in the calculated amounts vary within the net income and operating income from signifying a profit that undoubtedly shows a loss. An audited balance statement affirms an amount of one million dollars that is reduced in revenue corresponding with the unaudited report on the present profit listed that relates to patient balance due.

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