Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Essay

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

Team C has identified that the Human Resources Department of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has primary system deficiencies with the information security and lack of information. The records are currently open to all system users, exposing personal information to the Internet through the public website. The requirements for updating the Human Resources operating system have been identified using a specification checklist for updating software for the department including payroll and accounting. Team C has gathered the business requirements to understand the needs of the Human Resources department. The department currently operates on an Apple iMac with 2 gigahertz, 350-megabyte hard drive wireless with Mac OS X including Leopard and Windows XP. All patient files are encrypted for storage using AES. Advanced Encryption Standard is highly secure using 256-bit AES encryption for sensitive data. The Human Resource department also needs to have their sensitive data secure.

The Human Resources department performs many functions including all of the accounting for the hospital. The hospital accounting and finance needs to operate using a secure and sophisticated software system. Updating the software to be able to perform accounting records is crucial to determine the financial soundness of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. Patient accounts and billing must be secure and the software to be modified and updated should be too easy to learn and work with. Further research needs to be conducted if off-the-shelf software should be purchased or if the software should be modified or developed specifically for the department.

Marketing communication is relatively designed to sell the value and benefits of the project to the stakeholders, which includes the healthcare providers, insurance companies, and pharmacies that are willing to invest in an organization working towards an accessible, affordable healthcare system such as the one that will be provided by Fuller-Patton Community Hospital. Team C has chosen to use branding as the source of marketing communication since it is indeed known to be the most sophisticated. The primary purpose of branding is to establish an identity that conjures up a positive image (Mochal, 2007).

Our purpose in implementing this new software system is to assure the stockholders with this positive image, reflection and emotion when a person hears of the new product. In order for Team C to make sure that the positive image is captured we will need to ask one another some important questions such as:Will this new system require a change in the way people perform their jobs and will this project make the business workers nervous as a result of efficiencies that will ultimately require less people to do the same function? As long as Team C holds a steady stream of positive communication amongst one another during the implementation of this project for the Human Resource Department then the project will be successful and should help overcome any negative perceptions one may have about the project.

As a marketing research strategy Team C should implement a survey or questioner on how consumers in the local and surrounding areas gather information regarding hospitals and healthcare, as well as to what type of documentation the consumers are getting the information from such as the Internet, family, newspapers, friends, television, radio and possible hospital pamphlets or flyers. Once the information from the survey or questionnaire is gathered it should supply us with the insight of just how much the consumer’s friends and families have on the organization and patient satisfaction. This will guide Team C into the direction that they need in order to come up with the best image to fit the needs of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital.

Team C can also set their marketing research plans toward is employee satisfaction and increase administrative efficiency by implementing Magic Service Desk for the Human Resources department. Magic Service Desk has the ability to track all employee requests while providing him or her with instant answers to policies and procedure questions. This will be an instant way that Team C can improve Patton-Fuller’s organizational efficiency by automating the Human Resources processes and empowering all employees to help them with access to the knowledge base and retrieve the available FAQ’s that they so desperately need.

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