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Patient Care Committee

The importance of effective committees is also the training ground for future leadership and an arena where emerging leaders can test and refine their skills and abilities. (Pozgar, G. D. 2019). Patient Care Committee can be either in a hospital, nursing home, mental health center or physician offices (Vine, S., & Sheppard, J. 2019, Chapter 3 pp. 28-29). Some of the function’s that patient care committee does are developing a hospital formulary, ER policies, and oversees general patient management. (Sarnikar, S. 2012, Chapter 4, pp.

2-10). For example, when I was working for Cape Cod Hospital, in Hyannis, Mass some of my functions were I oversee the ER policies which I had to keep them up to date on a monthly basis and monitoring all patient care practices and to ensure that the standards are up to date. (Buchbinder, B.S., & Shanks, H.N. 2017, Chapter 3, pp 12-13).

Another example when I worked for Cape Cod Hospital, my functions where I oversee discussions, scheduling meetings, and assign other staff tasks, and making sure that the next meeting is scheduled.

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(Mays, N., Goodwin, N., & Wyke, S. 2001, Chapter 4, pp. 3-10). What are the three responsibilities of that committee), Some of the responsibilities that patient care committee does is to make sure that patients and families are well cared for. Another responsibility that patient care committee does is to develop strategies and implement programs which improve the quality of care and will educate hospital staff. (Shi, L. 2017, Chapter 3, pp. 12-15). How would I facilitate risk management? For me to facilitate risk management I must develop both the risk management policy, review ethical guidelines and codes of conduct and I can help its members to be better positioned.

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(Crouhy, M., Galai, D., & Mark, R. 2000).

How do I view my roles and my responsibilities through my biblical worldview as a Christian I need to serve others, my actions as a leader, my personal moral creditability as a leader, and my philosophy as a leader for my organization I have a chance to guide processes and achieve goals. (Willis, A. 1997). My stewardship of God’s truth through evangelism as a leader I need to walk in the Spirit, I need to be a perfect example for others in my organization, and I must have a sense of God’s destiny and purpose for my life. (Palmer, M. 1998).


As a Christian leader I need to understand how meeting my co-workers needs, I need to be a perfect example to my family, patient families, and I need to go by what the Lord needs me to do, and I know that I need to stay in Word and also fellowship. My challenging mission as a Christian I need to assess those changes in the light of Scripture, as well as to assess my own understanding of Scripture in the light of new ideas and new perspectives. (Ephesians 2:10, King James Version) For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.


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