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Patience by Damian Marley Featuring Nas Essay

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The title of my chosen song is called Patience by Damian Marley Featuring Nas. I chose this poem because of its spiritual meaning and because it represents what our world has turned into. Even though its six years old, and the world has changed a lot since then, they made a very precise prediction of what the condition of our economy will be today. The poem was written by Nas and Damian Marley themselves in year 2008 and composed in 2010. Damian Marley is the son of a popular Jamaican Reggae artist named Bob Marley.

His father was a legend whose music was influenced by social issues of his homeland and politics and economics.

Damian Marley took after his father and majority of his songs are about social issues, making love and peace. Damian Marley is also strongly connected to his spiritual side just like his father was, which is why I love their music. The purpose of this song was to make you think about our creation, and our surroundings.

Is God real? Why were we born? What’s true intelligence, the kind you learn at school, or the kind that comes to you from experience and spiritual wisdom? The topic of this song is Social Issues. “Who made up words? Who made up numbers? And what kind of spell is mankind under?

Everything on the planet we preserve and can it microwaved it and preserved it, and try it no matter what we’ll survive it, what’s man? What’s human? Anything along the land we consuming eatin’, deletin’, ruin, trying to get paper gotta have land, gotta have acres. ” I quoted this because it shows what the poem is about and it’s intended meaning. The artists asked a lot of questions, so while we are listening to the song, these questions be absorbed by our sub-conscious mind and we will start to think about the world and wonder why our lifestyle’s are filled with media influences and social networking.

The overall mood and feeling in this song is a drifting hypnotic feeling. The reggae and rap mixed together gives it a slow feel, but since the wording is so strong is makes you focus directly on what the artists are rapping about. The instruments chosen in this song are very strong, but played at a slow and relaxing melody. Damian Marley and Nas are asking questions and talking to people, but you don’t know who the song is for or what it’s about, it’s for you to interpret it in your own way, so the poetic device used in this song is “apostrophe”. Huh, we born not knowing, are we born knowing all? We growing wiser, are we just growing tall? Can you read thoughts, can you read palms? shows that they are trying to get you to interpret the meaning in your own way.

The overall message in this song is to realize that we were put on this earth for a reason, and it is relevant to today’s society because we often forget where we come from and we pay too much attention to the media, and our lives are all about trying to fit in. Some of the worst paparazzi I’ve ever seen and I ever known, put the worst on display so the world can see and that’s all they will ever show. ” This quote is to show how the media and news only portray negative messages, so when Damian Marley says “That’s all you will ever know” it is to show that the media makes us insecure so we only see the worst in ourselves. This is a very respectful and meaningful song and I think everyone should learn from it.

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