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Pathological rationalism Essay

Essay Topic:

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Perhaps being rational is relating a reason for a certain action. It is the act of trying to put meaning on an occurrence by which the details, the actions and the responses are being noted to make a sound conclusion. On the other hand, the term pathological implies that something is unreasonable or uncontrollable. When both terms are combined, it would simply mean extreme reasoning or uncontrollable act of putting reasons for a certain act.

A situation wherein pathological reasoning is observed is when celebrities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are being followed by the media men only to cite their day to day activities that had caused them to be sued, imprisoned or accused of certain crimes that I think are not significant to the society of America or even the showbiz world.

Like when Britney Spears shoved off her hair and when Paris Hilton was imprisoned because of disobeying traffic rules, I was thinking, what was with it that is worth the time and effort of the media men and its audience?

Is it just for the laughter or do these media people recognize that there is more need in making the youth aware of their responsibilities to the state.

All throughout the world, the media had been reiterating the situations of the three only to let the others know how tragic these young stars had evolved. For all we know, these three have been in the industry for so long, that their teenage and child lives had been opened to the public, and now, the media portrays that these “innocent-before” faces can go astray.

The media only gives the youth the idea of becoming wild, law breakers and for some overly liberated women. If I am to be ask on what to so with these, it can be a good solution that the media features people that are with good background in order to enlighten the youth’s mind that they will be able to know the right things to do growing up and being given greater responsibilities as their age are being increased. Instead of featuring blunt and bad personalities, I think it will be better if there will be more issues on personalities that do charity works and other noble works.

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