Path To Progression

Case Analysis:

The path to progression differs from individual to individual. Sometimes they may or may not be created by their own self. Here, we come across various entrepreneur profiles that shows us the different aspects and forms of the process going.

James started his own website as a platform for people to enhance their local business. His aim for a better environment by application of this knowledge created the difference. He was involved in a social cause under this task.

Secondly, he showed his interests in micro finance through this.

The passion was taken to yet another level, as in the case of Drew. He used his capabilities to start a part-time business of making something of his interest. The product was making flies. Since, in the initial stages, having this full time would have been a risk, he started with part time services.

Anne designed a software that led to advancements and a profit gain for all her partners too.

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She risked in the initial stage as she left her job to pursue her entrepreneurial idea. She was good at identifying the problem and then working for it in a smarter way.

Rebecca bought a franchise. She had a passion for baking and after analysis and evaluation of the risks, she finally went to open her restaurant. She may not have been satisfied fully, but she ultimately was successful in pursuing her childhood goals.

Devon was a creative mind and with his design ideas and business idea, he gave the grants free package to the NGO.

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He loved art and after some formal education, he started his own graphic design studio. His efforts and skills truly show the entrepreneurship qualities in him.

Julie grabbed the opportunity of giving her company a better working vending machine by utilizing the company resources in the right direction. It led her company to an advantage. Her will of improving the overall condition of the company was the driving factor that could lead to successful establishment of her idea.

Time had been a major factor for all the six entrepreneurs. Some of them were early in their approach like Devon whereas some like Rebecca and Julie gained positive results earlier. Evaluation and analysis of the forthcoming scenes and risks was the second point of differentiation. As in case of Anne, she saw the potential risk but stopped herself from taking it.

Only one thing can be said that different approaches furnish different results.

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