Patent Essay Topics

The Impact of African American Inventors

Whether we know it or not, black inventors have impacted our lives drastically. From the time we wake up, until we go back to sleep at night, we use at least one thing that has been made by an African- American inventor. Whether it is something as big as a traffic light or as little… View Article

A capital improvement Betty

A capital improvement Betty could implement is leasing out a portion of her land to existing or future Alpaca owners. If Betty does not have a mortgage on her property, leasing out a portion of her land would generate immediate income. For instance, let’s say Betty owns five acres of land and decides to lease… View Article

Project Pickings

Tazer, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, entered the pharmaceutical market 12 years ago with the introduction of six new drugs. Five of the six drugs were simply permutations of existing drugs and therefore did not sell very heavily. The sixth drug, however, addressed hypertension and was a huge success. Since Tazer had a patent on the… View Article

Genentech: After the Acquisition by Roche

Introduction Roche completed the acquisition of Genentech in 2009 for a total of $46.8 Billion dollars. Genentech was initially concerned about funding for early drug discovery with the acquisition taking place. Genentech was previously able to spend money on research and development for new drug discovery and now that Roche is fully in the picture,… View Article