Past experience to people Essay

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Past experience to people

Experience, which is the best teacher in our life to leading our behaviors and changing our mind. Culture, which is also the root for individuals values.Both of them give us lots of influence and changing our life all the times.It is hard to say which changes us the most on such a controversial question.Just like experiences lead us what to think and cultures provide us how we think. They are individually and connecting with each other.Despite our past experiences affecting the way we see the world uniquely, it is more often based on our individual cultural background.


Firstly, this essay will discuss the general influence to individuals of past experience

Past Experience is a component which helps people gaining experience on every parts during our daily life.In the recreation activity,there is a relation between the preferences and past experience.The experienced level which has a great influence to make the choice.So that unexperienced people who do not know how to choose the suitable for entertainment and their decision will be different and wide.Experienced customers who have more specific need and their decision will be similar which is the most suitable in their past experience. Thus, more experienced people are, more specificity their entertainment chosen will be. For example,high experienced individuals in desert and mountain who has more specificity selection of the site decision than these no experienced individuals. Schreyer(1982) reported that river runners with higher experience levels stated the desired outcomes of their trips more specifically. (Watson et al., 1991)

Some studies also shows that psat experience is related with site choice.They found that some more hard but no limited routed were chosen by managed users.The reason is that their experience proved them confidence and easy way to face this area.Past experience not only shown the choice detail for individuals bus also gain the knowledge about arranging their activities. In conclusion, experienced individuals whose choice specificity is stronger ,differentiation on different kinds of situation dimension is higher.The general influence of past experience is also shown in study work and all parts of our life.Although the exciting and looking forward level is also reduced comparing with the first try.More experience brings us an efficient and suitable daily arrangement.

Which is different from the influence of experience, culture is the basic background for individuals to think and control their way to solve the problems. Culture is how individuals life being, its is one of the most basic thing about human belief,idea and values. Culture is different between different area, its the most important thing to effect our daily life.During the generations, humans communicate entertainment and lifestyle is always changing by the developed technology.But as the root of a nationality, culture always do not change.There is no doubt that everything I’ve talked about, thought with, every decision, belief which is closely related by my own culture.

It is also important to be able to recognize and respect other cultures, and not believe one’s own culture is more valuable or superior than the rest. Sometimes issues of racism occur when people are unable to connect culturally with others. Being tolerant and understanding what other cultures value is the key for successful acceptance of one another.

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