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Passionate Managers

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (616 words)
Categories: Human, Management, Psychology, Work
Downloads: 39
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Passionate managers bring an energy and an enthusiasm to what they do and how they do it. They can hear their commitment to a cause in their voice and in their words, and they can feel it when they’re in the same room with them. Their passion runs deep and enables them to study solutions from multiple angles. They have a command of all the possible alternatives, their pitfalls and the customer’s options.

Persistent managers know that nothing works all of the time or, if it does, they’re playing it too safe.

Persistence is setting goals–big goals–and pursuing them with an uncommon drive and focus. Persistence is critical because everyone inevitably gets knocked down, shut out, ignored or neglected at some point in their professional lives. Persistence is what enables high-impact leaders to get up again and again, recharge and be ready to keep going. Kind managers understand that kindness is both critical and universal.

It’s not just about being polite in front of clients or drafting e-mail messages with heart. Kindness permeates high-impact managers’ every relationship and every interaction. They leave every conversation with someone feeling heard and in a better place than before–even when delivering bad news. Kind managers skip the cheap or easy opportunities to make someone feel bad for making a mistake and instead give words of faith and encouragement. Any partner will have qualities, characteristics, and behaviors that push their buttons and test your sanity. To make their relationship last, they have to accept their partner unconditionally quirks, behavior, flaws, and all. First, they make the commitment to accepting them completely. Then, they speak up and say what it is that’s bothering him/her.

Once the chase is over and we’ve gotten the prize, we often just forget about our partner’s feelings and needs. In lasting relationships, both partners value each other and take care with their words, actions, and behaviors. If they want to be with that person each day, make them feel that way. If they’re not willing to share what’s going on with him/her or what they need from their partner, they’re not going to get what they need. Yet, us men, and women, too out of shame or a habit built over a lifetime of bottling up our feelings don’t want to let anyone else in on what’s going on with us. If they can trust their partner enough to share their feelings, they’re more likely to find themselves in a safe relationship that lasts. They have to be willing to trust their partner not only with their feelings but with their weaknesses. They will have to learn trust at the emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Trust takes practice and is earned one step at a time. Even when trust is broken, they can find a way to repair a breach in trust if they’re willing to work on it.

They have to be willing to share what’s going on, no matter how ugly. They can’t hide behind lies and deception if they want their relationship to last. If they can’t believe their partner when they tell they something, or if their partner is hiding things from him/her, it’s going to be hard for they to feel safe. Honesty helps foster trust and a belief in each other, which is crucial to making it over the long haul. Do all the things for their partner that they would do for their best friend. Try to anticipate their needs. Think about what they need help with and try to be there for them. Cut out the behavior that gets on their nerves and find ways to uplift their partner. Thoughtfulness, consideration, and kindness is the recipe for lasting relationships.

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