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Passion for Bike Riding

Categories: Passion

My first bike ride with my uncle was a disaster. I prepared to the fullest extent. Knee pads, helmet, elbow pads, the whole nine yards. I was ready. As I stepped out of house into the bright sunshine of midday I heard a voice. “You ready buddy? ” I heard my uncle call. I nodded in response “Yes sir! ” “Well let’s get to it then” he replied. He wheeled the cherry red bicycle from the side of the house into the empty driveway.

“Hop on” he said. I did as I was told. I was a nervous wreck as I climbed onto the two wheeled wonder that stood before me.

The leather from the seat was of course extremely hot from the heat of the sun and scorched my leg as I sat down. I guess my anxiety showed because my uncle said “Don’t worry bud. I got you. ” The voice which was meant to be reassuring did nothing to calm me.

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“Well let’s start then. Go ahead peddle now. ” I began to peddle on his command. The wind blowing on my face was alluring. I wanted to go faster. I sped up, while my uncle still followed behind. “Ok I’m going to let go now. Let go now. Don’t worry you’ll be fine” he said.

I wasn’t really paying attention to him when he spoke. All I was focused on was enjoying the ride. Immediately after he let go however, the ride became terrifying.

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The bike that felt so secure before now began to wobble and shake underneath me. I attempted to adjust my weight in an effort to stabilize the bike which leads to more disaster. I fell down immediately luckily landing on grass instead of concrete. “Ah! ” I screamed as I fell. The bike landed on top of me constructing my leg.

My uncle immediately came running over to see if I was alright. It’s alright. Its part of learning to ride a Derrick Donkor 2 bike” he said. Again this voice was meant to be comforting but, it didn’t help at all. My uncle lifted the bike off of me and helped me up “Your pants and shirt might have a couple grass stains but that’s alright. ” “Why did I fall? ” I asked clueless on how to properly ride a bicycle. “Because you didn’t keep the bike balanced enough. ” He said. I looked. Riding of a bike had always been my passion and through all the trouble became perfect with the help of my uncle.

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Passion for Bike Riding

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