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The Ioko, Vignette and Sun Microsystems partnership

During the launch of the platform of Converged Digital Content Delivery; Ioko which is a specialist in digital and on-demand media, Sun Microsystems; leading global provider of hardware, software and services and also the Vignette, the management enterprise content provider of software, gave an announcement on partnership agreement.

This announcement was meant to provide a solution which is combined and in order to enable the Telco operators, the service providers for internet together with the media and companies of entertainment in the North of Europe to enable exploitation of digital convergence across many channels through single platform of comprehensive delivery.

To date companies which are in search of advantages for convergence emerging technologies in order for them to create and give delivery of multimedia content to their customers, have done so in a piecemeal fashion and have not gotten the access to the existing infrastructures of the website.

Therefore the Ioko, Vignette and Sun Microsystems partnership will allow the transformation of the multimedia content for easy distribution through multiple channels and devices like digital set-top boxes, PC, mobile phones and other transferable devices (Blosch, 2002).

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Due to rapid increase in the capacity of broadband and mobile networks, there has been exposure of the digital convergence in a period of one year.

Therefore there are high expectations of better and richer experiences by the use of computers at homes or mobile devices. Companies are expected to make use of the same platform in order for them to be able to manage on their primary dot com fields, distribute video to personal mobile devices and personal computers, in order to provide store fronts for consumer to purchase and download the music, games and ring tones and get to make interactions with each other in a Web 2.

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Combined platform, will help in the reduction of costs in terms of content delivery and make it easier for identification of consumers by companies in terms of demands and tendency though report and analytical tools. This will enable the companies to give response to the market tendency quickly hence offering compelling new content at earlier stages. Provision of approach into the consumption of content and opportunity to the targeted personalized content can lead to increase in the revenues of the company through up selling and offering of bundles of services (Blosch, 2002).

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