Partner dance Essay

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Partner dance

Anchor 1: Good morning XIS family, the galaxy of intellectuals, your excellency, inviting our principal, director, teachers and all our friends. Firstly I wish all the teacher’s present here a very happy teacher’s day, dear audience you will yourself discover as the colours of this day unfold. Well my first and foremost duty on behalf of all the students of st. xavier, we welcome you all to today’s teacher’s day program. Anchor 2: We fell honoured to have with us our director sir Mr. Amrendra Kr.

Singh, sir you hardly need any introduction, you have made all of us proud by your distinguished work in numerous capacities and then our principal Mr. tiwary sir, the man of distinct vision and a fountainhead of illuminating ideas, and lastly an idol of knowledge, an experience, an inspiration to all of us that is our teachers. May we have a clap for them! (AFTER TILAK CEREMONY GETS OVER) Anchor 1: Without taking much of your time, permit us to start the programme. 2: Firstly, parul of std. 11 is going to present an informative speech on the occasion of teacher’s day. (after the speech)

2: thank you parul ! Anchor 1: Now hold your breath for a duate song by shaurya and swarna of std. 11. Anchor 2: Wow! That was indeed lovely one. A blend of cosmic tune and divine music. Anchor 1: Now the head boy of our school abhilash will continue the speech. Anchor2: thankyou abhilash,.. Anchor 1: so get ready for a lovely song which will be performed by attaullah, (song- abhi abhi) ANCHOR 2: really awesomm!!! IN THE BEGINNING OF DANCE/SONG- Anchor 2: Yes I do, the heart beats have gone up and everyone is eager to sink into the depth of music, dance, lights and joy.

Well here you are, now we will have rainbow of cultural programmes dedicated to our honourable teachers, Anchor 1: Now there will be a western group dance by the girls of std. 11,… (AFTER THE DANCE) 2: Incredible! The young girls really held everyone captive. Over to you shivendra,.. 1: thankyou! So, again you are going to listen the sweetest voice of our xavier student, 2: I still feel like lost in those melody dipped music notes. 1: Well, come back now, lets have a change…. 2: Ok, what is next? 1: Wait wait…. dont step over the clock! Now gourav is going to unleash a breathtaking stage performance.

2: Don’t you think kids are more creative than the grown ups? 1: How do you mean? 2: Surprise, suspense, action, emotion. 1: Come on what is this puzzle? 2: Let me clear out.. so everyone present here, get ready for a sweet dance performance by the angels of our school, (after the dance) 1: Please have a big round of clap for them… 2: lastly, a solo dance by diksha,.. 2: So our programme has come to an end and now I would like to call upon our principal/director sir, the sculptor of human character, a seasonal scholar and navigator of this flagship of knowledge to say some few lines. 1: Thank you sir!

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