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Part A1 When Loung Ung quotes holding on to anger is like Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 5 (1066 words)

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Part A:

1. When Loung Ung quotes, “holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” the idea it conveys is a rather accurate representation of Loung reacts in this book. Young Loung goes through fits of anger all directed against the Angkar and then Pol Pot. She is very good at containing her anger and knows how to channel it into different things instead of holding on to her boiling rage all the time.

Her hate and anger towards the government is reappearing but even when given the moment to beat a Khmer Rouge soldier she doesn’t act upon her anger even feeling that she has, “a chance to kill for Pa, Ma, Keav, and Geak,? ? and her revelation of how the government made these people vengeful and bloodthirsty. Once she is witnessing the man being killed she realizes it’s just too late, ?too late to let him go, it is too late to go back.

It’s too late for my parents and my country.? she knows nothing can change what happened to her family and she lets go of the hate and anger.

Trace the propaganda that is used throughout the memoir and how Loung responds to it.

3.The propaganda that the Khmer Rouge used to subdue the Cambodian people in the beginning of the book was the removal of all technology including watches which we see when Pa and his sons Khouy and Meng get their watches taken away. The constant encouragement by the soldiers to turn in possible traitors, even your friends and family, is very prominent as well. The Ung family is forced to trust nobody because the fear the soldiers put instill into its people which makes Loung very confused and afraid because of the risks her family is taking by just being alive. More propaganda that is being pushed is the prejudice against anyone of Chinese descent, and the Ung family being Chinese-Cambodian descent have to work harder to prove themselves worthy. Loung deals with the discrimination by working hard, rubbing dirt on her skin to look darker, and even attacking a girl who calls her a “stupid Chinese-Youn”. The constant prejudice is something she constantly deals with throughout the book. At the training camps, the Met Bong have propaganda meetings where they attempt to make the children see the Angkar as almighty and the enemies as complete monsters. The meetings are frequent and force the children to believe due to their forced ignorance of the situation. Loung goes along with the chanting and the raising of the fists to avoid punishment, but her rage and hatred is continually aimed at the Khmer Rouge and their leader-Pol Pot.

4. Loung has many different relationships with her siblings and Ma, but Pa is Loung ?s idol. She turns to him at every point of the book leading up to his death, and he really was depicted as a god in her eyes. Pa took care of the family and gave special treatment to Loung he seen her as “a diamond in the rough”. Once he dies, Loung ?s world is forever changed. She is forced to grow up and fight so much harder to survive. Without her dad she can cope with the constant thought of him , she even says, “But I miss Pa so much it hurts to breathe. It’s been almost a year now since I held his hand, and saw his face, felt his love.”(page 142) during a moment of reflection of her whole family she is always drawn to her father. Loung finds strength in the thought of her father even when times get really rough she tells herself, “I know Pa does not want me to give up, and as hard as it is to endure life here day to day, there is nothing for me to do but go on.” (page 121). Her reminder of her father seems to be a big motivator of her survival. At the end of the book, the thought of Pa’s spirit being able to find her across the ocean eases her anxiety of going to America.

5. The role of the first two chapters of Loung’s story was to show the intense change that Loung’s life goes through. The chapters describe her life in the city, a life of privilege and comfort. Loung explains her apartment by saying, “We are very modern-our bathroom is equipped with amenities such as a flushing toilet, an iron bathtub, and running water.” All of which are almost standard in the US, but in Cambodia was for those who had a lot of money. By the end of the third chapter Loung is starting to change as a character after her realization that she cannot go back to Phnom Penh and she has to fight for survival. Loung’s family is forced to live in poverty and are all starving and overworked which was not the case in the beginning of the book. The contrast between the first two chapters and the rest of the book is very profound and the book wouldn’t be as hard-hitting without the beginning chapters.

Part B

1. The film’s moments of silence and slow motion really seem to show the deep sadness and each scene and allows it to resonate with the viewer. The long shots of Loung’s face add to this emotional impact because you’re really trying to understand the feelings that she is feeling while being a child and experiencing all this. The hard-hitting moments are constantly lingering in this film allows the viewer to really take in what was going on.

4. Why do you think the film ends with the family being reunited at the refugee camp and later on at Angkar Wat as adults? Why does it not mention the author’s immigration to America and her distancing herself from her past?

I think the film ends with the family reuniting at the refugee camp and then at Angkar Wat because it shows that after all that they all survived and they all still have a strong family bond.

6. Overall, what is your impression of this film? Is it a faithful adaptation of Loung’s story? Were there too many differences? What should have been included that was not? If you had to write a review of this film, what would you rank it? Explain.

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