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part 2- tcc- Hum2230

John Locke
In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson’s argument for freedom was inspired by

Which of the following European countries did NOT provide the colonists financial and naval support in their fight against British rule?

The national debt
In France, what triggered the events leading to revolution?

To demand bread
Why did the French peasant and working-class women march on Versailles in 1789?

Providing each citizen two loaves of bread per week
Which of the following was NOT a reform instituted by the French Constitutional Congress?

For ordering so many executions himself
Why did the French Tribunal order execution of Maximiliean Robespierre, one of the leaders of the revolution and new government?

To reflect the new government, which was formed on classical ideas
Why did Neoclassicism become the preferred style in late 18th-century United States?

Hilltops were traditional sites of Greek or Roman temples
Why did Jefferson locate Monticello on a hilltop?

Napoleon crossed the Alps on a mule, not a white horse
How is David’s Napoleon Crossing the Saint-Bernard historically inaccurate?

To reduce the chances of an uprising
Why did North American slaveholders aim to gather Africans of differing backgrounds and languages?

They worked for lower wages than men
Why did the factories tend to employ unskilled single young women and widows?

banned employment of children under age nine.

The English Factory Act of 1833

Advocating reform for the poor
What theme is at the heart of Dickens’ socially realistic writings?

To protest aristocratic privilege
Why did Neoclassically-trained Theodore Gericault paint the disturbingly realistic The Raft of Medusa?

Male dominance of women
What Western male belief do the French odalisque (concubine) paintings show?

It would insight commoners to rebel
Why did Louis XIII purchase and then store away Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People?

depiction of commoners on a grand scale.

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The French public and critics objected to Gustave Courbet’s paintins because of his

To be near their jobs in the factories
Why did so many people move to London between 1800 and 1880?

He had grown up in those conditions
Why could Charles Dickens describe the suffering of Londn’s poor so vividly and accurately?

The woman’s back has too many vertebrae.
What about Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres’s Le Grande Odalisque did viewers immediately recognize as being unrealistic?

the wilderness
What about America attracted artist Thomas Cole that he claimed had “long since been destroyed or modified” in Europe?

overt political messages.
All of the following are characteristics of Hudson River School paintings EXCEPT

live simply.
Henry David Thoreau began his Walden Pond experiment to

the natural world’s uncontrollable elements.
In Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, the white whale seems to symbolize

women’s rights
What other movement did Sojourner Truth and others view as part of the abolitionist movement?

It was mechanized and impersonal, with no pageantry
How did the American Civil War change the nature of warfare?

draw attention to the central corpses.
In A Harvest of Death, Gettysburg, PA, July 1863, Timothy O’Sullivan and Alexander Gardener deliberately blurred the foreground and background to

Union troops withdrew from the South.
Why, in 1877, did Southern African Americans lose many of the freedoms they had gained from the Civil War?

Huck has learned to appreciate Jim’s humanity.
Why does Huckleberry Finn decide not to turn in the runaway slave Jim for a reward?

bathing the scene in a glowing golden light.
In The Veteran in a New Field, Winslow Homer creates a sense of optimism by

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