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Parrot Facts: What You Need To Know Before Buying A Bird

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  1. The purchase of a parrot is an important purchase as it often lasts for a lifetime. Depending on the species, a parrot lives, in captivity, between 30-35 years for a gray of Gabon and 50-100 years for a cockatoo.
  2. The parrot needs a regular relational rhythm and a stable environment. It sleeps from sunset to sunrise and takes a nap for two hours in the afternoon. It’s up to you to adapt to that rhythm. Spend at least 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon with him.

  3. The parrot is a very sensitive animal that can get sick if the person who cares for him is not regularly present or do not spend enough time with him.
  4. Almost all parrots can talk. Their ability depends on the species, but also your availability. Do not just have fun talking, you have to play with him too. Games are privileged and necessary moments during which he awakes and finds pleasure.

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    Beware some species of parrots are very noisy (your close neighbors may not appreciate the noise!).

  5. Parrots have fragile lungs. Cigarette smoke, nail polish, emanations of Teflon stoves, etc., must be banned from their environment.
  6. Birds should be placed in rooms with moistened air (pay attention to electric heating).
  7. Beware of allergies! Often misinformed, some people abandon their animals when they realize they are allergic. You should know in advance in advance.
  8. Human bacteria (intestinal and urinary) are deadly to the parrot. So always wash your hands, especially when leaving the toilet.

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  9. The cage must be very well maintained.
  10. For non-domestic animals, you must imperatively claim the papers that attest to the origin of this parrot. Without them, you risk buying a species that is not for sale and you will find yourself in an illegal situation.
  11. If you buy imported wild parrots, you indirectly participate in the disappearance and disruption of ecosystems that are already very weakened by human activity. In addition, because parrots are very closely related to their spouses, wild harvesting greatly disrupts breeding.
  12. Many Christmas decorations can be toxic for the parrot. These decorations can be made from cheap materials containing heavy metals. Curious parrots can chew ribbons or Christmas garlands, which can cause intestinal blocks.
  13. A diet composed of seeds will lead to more or less irreversible deficiencies, and moreover, such a diet is too dangerous. It is therefore essential to bring these elements in the form of fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to know which ones are dangerous.
  14. Vitamins added to drinking water can cause the development of a colony of bacteria very quickly. It is therefore preferable when one wishes to bring vitamins to make it in the form of a powder of fruits and vegetables
  15. Dirty water: It is advisable to provide fresh and clean water every day. The birds always have a tendency to mess with their water and a very dangerous colony of bacteria settles there very quickly which can provoke an infection, which can be fatal for the parrot.

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