Parking Problems Report Essay

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Parking Problems Report

TROY—Parking on Troy University campus has cause many students to complain. If you are a student at Troy, I’m sure that you have heard many of the complaints from other students, friends, and sometimes maybe teachers. Candice Vaughn, a senior sports and fitness management major from Huntsville, Ala., has a problem with the parking on Troy’s campus. As a student athlete she thinks it makes it even more difficult on her to find parking throughout the day. “They need more parking regardless of how many students buy decals,” said Vaughn. “With the amount of parking they have it isn’t enough for all students and staff. It’s inconvenient with all the different color zones. I also think athletes should be able to have access to all sport building parking regardless of if the live on or off campus. And tickets are so cheap people don’t care where they park and if they get a ticket. If we don’t get a ticket, we just got lucky for once.”

Some students feel like they are losing and wasting a lot of their time trying to find a parking spot on campus. Tamara Greene, a junior business major from Troy, Ala., completely agrees with how trying to find a parking spot on Troy’s campus is wasting so much of her time. “I feel like we need more spaces because it takes forever to find a parking spot and sometimes it makes a person late for class or work and it wastes gas too,” said Greene. There are also students on Troy’s campus that are confused. Many wonder if there are enough parking spots for each student that is enrolled at Troy University. Jessica Coleman, a junior human resource major from Brundidge, Ala., is one of the students that feel like there is not enough parking on campus for each student. “I feel the student ratio does not match up with the number of available parking spots on and around campus,” said Coleman. Some students at Troy University feel like the price of buying a decal to park on Troy University’s campus isn’t worth it. Adria Hill, a junior psychology major from Scottsboro, Ala., feels like she has wasted her money on buying a decal as a student at Troy.

“Parking is very terrible here. We’re only allowed to park in certain spot, but yet we pay $50 a year to park on this campus,” said Hill. Even though there are many complaints at Troy University about its campus parking, there are some students who feel that the parking isn’t really that bad. Tiffany Slater, a junior broadcast journalism student from Columbus, Ga., is one of the students who feel otherwise about campus parking. “I honestly do not have a problem with campus parking,” said Slater. “Every day I have to be on campus by 8:00am; therefore, parking is always available for me. When I am on campus, I make sure I stay until my day is completed. I live off campus so I have a black commuter parking pass, which allows me to park in various places. Most of my classes are in Wallace Hall or Patterson Hall so the parking area in front of those two buildings is where I park at most of the time.

The only problem that I encounter with on campus parking is when I want to leave campus for lunch, and I come back and they are not any parks available. My problem is easily solved by going to another black commuter parking lot, but I might have to walk a long distance to my class. I do like the fact that after 5pm I do not have to worry about parking in a black commuter parking zone.” There is also another student that understands the parking at Troy University. Alexis Smiley, a senior biology major from Montgomery, Ala., thinks that campus parking isn’t so bad after all. “I think campus parking wouldn’t be so bad if people made it to class on time,” said Smiley. “I know I don’t so therefore I have to put up with the parking problems. I also believe it could be worse.

Troy is trying their best to make it the way we want it to be but it’s not going to take just a week. I have seen the parking progress on this campus and I feel there is more coming forward for us and even with the specialized parking lots there are even stricter because if you are a resident you work only in your designated area. But I do feel like parking is bad at times, but I also see it getting better in the future.” Troy University students are not the only one that feels a certain way about the campus’s parking. The employees at Troy think parking can get outrageous also. Jill Lancaster, the head coach of the track and field program at Troy University, also have trouble parking.

“I must admit parking can be hectic at times,” said Lancaster. “As a staff here at Troy, there are specialized parking spots for us to park in. The only way I notice the parking problems is when I practice my students in the afternoon and they have a hard time finding a parking spot or maybe they have to take a further walk to the track. So I ask that each athlete to leave home in enough time to find a parking spot and walk to the track.” So many people complain about the campus parking and wonder if the parking will ever get better on Troy’s campus. In the future we shall see if parking will always be a problem on the campus of Troy University.

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