Parker Essay Topics

Catherine Parker

There are a variety of different types of narratives used in literary texts and films. In the adaptation process from novel to film, the visual narrative of the film also needs to be considered, whereas the novel is solely dependant on the written word and the reader’s imagination. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and… View Article

Strong relationships

Dreams can be described as reflections, unconscious wishes, and a by-product of mental house keeping or interpreted as a brain activity. Guiley (1998) says, “Dreams are the inner powers that project out creativity which has changed lives”. All these descriptions may be true or false depending on which type of the dream that has occurred… View Article

Sertive style

“A Telephone Call” by Dorothy Parker is a short story that focuses on a woman waiting for a man to call her. He told her, “I’ll call you at five, darling” (Parker, 1) but as time passes he still has not called. She begins to bargain with God by begging Him to make the man… View Article

Parker Pen Company

Background George Safford Parker founded Parker Pen Company in 1892 in Janesville, Wisconsin. It began with the production of his first fountain pen. Afterwards in 1894, Parker had its first major innovation; “the lucky curve” which consisted on reducing the leak caused in fountain pens. Parker’s first marketing approach was to produce high quality pens… View Article