Parents and Teachers Must Work Together in Applying Discipline

The current Dalai Lama said, “A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.” I believe that this quote perfectly describes the problem described in the prompt. In my opinion, individual discipline can only go so far; parents and teachers can apply discipline separately but if they work together, great results can really be shown. Many people who have come across a child with discipline issues ask, “Well, what are the parents doing?” Sometimes the situation may be that the parents have inconvenient work hours that hinder the child’s relationship with their parents, causing the child to warrant attention by misbehaving.

Another situation may be that the parents have had bad experiences with discipline and, not wanting to expose that child to that discipline, do not show them as much as they should. In this situation, the parent may try to have more of a friendly relationship than have the same structure of a parent-child relationship.

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However, I do not think that the parents should receive all of the blame for a child’s discipline issues.

Teachers in the education system are obviously exposed to different students, thus exposing them to different learning styles and personalities. With so many students in a class, it may be hard for the teacher to cater to everyone individually. Students may have discipline issues in school because they don’t understand the subjects being taught and if the teacher can’t help them immediately, they decide to stop others’ education.

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They may also be carrying emotions from events going on at home that any little reprimand can set them off, causing discipline issues in the classroom. These reactions are not wholly on the teachers, either. If parents and teachers work together, discipline issues in a classroom can be lowered.

The parents can tell the teacher any concerns about their child, and the teachers can do the same for the parents. If there are any learning issues with the student, the teacher can give tips on how to help them grow and the parents can implement them at home. Even if the parents cannot have a face-to-face meeting with the teacher, this world is full of different ways of communication that can be used. When it comes to the rising discipline issues in our children, neither the parents nor the teachers are to blame. Pointing fingers wastes time that can be used to make solutions and further connections between all three factors. Discipline should be a team effort between the parents and the teachers in order to be properly effective for the student as well as for themselves.

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