Parenthood: Expectations and Realities Essay

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Parenthood: Expectations and Realities

In considering parenthood and the expectations and realities which it entails, it is often common for potential parents to become overcome with desire for all of the easy and endearing aspects of parenthood, only realizing the difficult and painful aspects of parenthood when they actually have children of their own.

Expecting children and the glory of having passing oneself down through the generations can sometimes have people focused on positives such as how the children will appear physically in regard to genes, many parents envisioning attractive children, how children will behave in regard to tenderness, many parents expecting angelic children who will always know exactly how to behave, how children will perform academically and professionally, many parents assuming that their children will be highly successful, and how children will marry and form families of their own, many parents believing that their children will marry well and have wonderful children of their own. The reality of parenting is that many times, the most ideal situations do not materialize, or at least, there may be some significant struggles and hurdles along the way.

Some people have high expectations about how parenthood is going to be, believing their children will be beautiful, perfect, and angelic individuals, yet often the realities of parenthood burst these idealistic bubbles with the arising of significant disappointments and struggles. While some parents envision their future children as being born with perfectly beautiful forms, the realities is that some children are not very attractive and sometimes are born with disabilities. Although parents may contribute to this problem by not caring for themselves during pregnancy, the fact remains that some children are born into the world falling short of physical perfection.

Also, many parents to be believe that their young ones will always know right from wrong, being exemplary in behavior and that caring for them will be effortless. The reality may be that children are often confused about how to behave and that parents may not always know exactly what their needs are. Raising children who always know how to act with the best manners is not a simple task, and many parents and children fall short of this dream. As far as academic and professional success is concerned, many potential parents have confidence that their children will be geniuses and masters of their classes and careers. However, oftentimes, children struggle with learning and need constant support and discipline.

In regard to how children choose romantic partners, marry, and raise families, parents often have the belief that their kids will know who to place faith in, how to construct valuable and meaningful relationships, and what measures to take in regard to raising their own children. The fact remains, however, that many people make mistakes in this arena, choosing partners who are not kind or intelligent enough, and conceiving and raising children in detrimental ways. In thinking about the expectations of potential parents and the realities which lie ahead of them, it is important to be realistic about the time and energy which is needed to plan for, conceive, and raise a family.

It is not easy for parents to devote the necessary amount of love, the discipline and care, for which children yearn and that which all children deserve. Being realistic about the demands of parenthood can make enjoying parenthood so much more fruitful. Children are not toys or ornaments, not prizes to be won or objects of entertainment. Children are young people in need of much guidance and support, craving love which is full of true ethics and devoted principles. Children need parents who know how much it takes to truly give themselves to their children in mind, body, and spirit, and who know the great challenges which lay before them when they make the mature decision, as partners, to opt for the vocation of parenthood.

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