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Different Parental Discipline Styles
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I decided to do my research paper on a naturalistic observation, focusing on the topic of parent-child relationships and parental discipline styles, and how this influences their development in adolescence. I observed my 12-year-old brother Joseph, and 13-year-old cousin Mariah, who are 5 months apart. While observing both children together, and since they are my family, I already had a sense of the difference in parenting, discipline styles and attachments forming, and how these all work bidirectionally in their development…...
Impact of Spanking on Children
Words • 761
Pages • 4
Gershoff, Elizabeth T., and Andrew Grogan-Kaylor. 'Spanking and child outcomes: Old controversies and new meta-analyses.' Journal of Family Psychology 30, no. 4 (June 2016): 453-469. Psyc,ARTICLES, EBSCOhost (Accessed 17 July 2018). Gershoff told that around the world, most children are spanked or other wise physically punished by their parents. The question of whether parents should spank their children to correct misbehaviors or this punishment is largely ineffective and harmful. This show us that physical punishment is effective under certain circumstances…...
Relationship With Parents According to Sigmund Freud
Words • 521
Pages • 3
One way frustration levels in children could be reduced would be to slacken the particularly strict health and safety rules in primary schools. Boisterous play is a natural way for children to play. It would be wise for schools to permit this type of rough play, however in controlled conditions in an environment where the children would feel safe, with a supervisor, for example. That way the children can learn the rules of engagement with guidance and this reinforcement will…...
ChildParentRelationshipSigmund Freud
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Parenting Styles and Outcomes
Words • 665
Pages • 3
The parenting styles: Authoritarian This parent is a demonstrates extreme levels of control using strict discipline styles, such as: frequent use of punishment, low levels of warmth/love, unrealistic high expectations of child and non-negotiable (Baumrind, 1991). This form of parenting is associated with child who can display levels of hostility, rebelliousness and antisocial behaviors (Akhter et. al., 2011). Children who experience this form of parenting early in childhood can develop anxiety (Akhter et. al., 2011). Permissive The permissive parent acts…...
ParentingParenting StylesParents And Children Relationship
Good Parenting Discipline Tactics That Gets Results
Words • 1537
Pages • 7
Discipline is an area that is commonly known to parents as the place where we seem to make the most mistakes. I mean let’s face it when you are overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and sometimes even fed up being a parent, you are expected to make an immediate decision that requires clear, concise, sensible fair discipline rules. Result based discipline tactics will help parents not get entangled in discipline traps that cause much frustration and repeat offender kids. Many parents have…...
Good ParentingParentingParenting Styles
The Importance of Family History: What I Learned From My Parents
Words • 2733
Pages • 11
Most families start the same way. Two people fall in love and have kids and then their kids fall in love and have kids and the line continues. It’s the roots of our families that make us all completely different, where we come from, who we are and what we’ve experienced. My family has its roots scattered throughout many countries in Europe and some in Africa. My mother’s family origins can be traced back to Norway, Scotland, and England. My…...
My Parents My Best TeachersParentingParents And Children Relationship
Life Lessons From My Best Teachers – My Parents
Words • 2510
Pages • 11
I grew up in a two-parent household with six other siblings. Looking back, I can contribute much of my character to my loving parents who raised me with discipline, communication, affection, support, and moral standards. Their style of parenting had a strong impact on my personal development. I learned skills such as communication, decision-making, and responsibility. I will describe more in detail their parenting style in each area. Patterns of Parental Discipline I grew up in a traditional home where…...
My Parents My Best TeachersParentingParents And Children Relationship
Why My Dad Is My Hero?
Words • 811
Pages • 4
What is a hero? Is it what we see in the movies, a man in a cape? A good hero may be hard to find. To me, a hero is someone who is always on your back when you need it, helps you physically and mentally, never lets you down and gives you a kick in the butt when you need it so you don’t add any more trouble to the situation. Now you may be thinking, who is my…...
My Dad My HeroMy Favorite Personality My FatherParent
My Father Is My Real Hero and My Favorite Personality
Words • 794
Pages • 4
My father may be the one who takes care of my family and loves each man dearly. My father acts as the pillar of support and strength for my family. My father is the individual that I love the most in my life. I will always remember all the childhood recollections that I have with him. It's safe on my behalf of me to mention that my father is essentially the explanation behind my gift, joy, and happiness. I will…...
FathersMy Dad My HeroMy Favorite Personality My FatherParent
The glass castle
Words • 1781
Pages • 8
Parenting is far more difficult than people make it out to be. According to Carol Gioia, a Senior Community Advisor for Helium Network, “Being a parent is potentially one of the most rewarding life experiences a person can have. It might also be the most difficult, for parenting is a round-the-clock endeavor filled with demands and obligations”. Gioia makes a point that not everyone will live up to be “good parents” because no parent is perfect, but they can be…...
HealthParentingThe Glass Castle
Parents as Role Models
Words • 2183
Pages • 9
One of the greatest titles on can have in this world is parent. Being a parent is one of the greatest responsibilities that one can possess in this world. However, with great responsibility comes great pressure and sacrifice. Parents are the ultimate role model for their children. Every word, movement, action and behaviour has an effect on children. No other person, from friends to outsiders, can have a greater impact on children than parents themselves. Born A Crime is an…...
How Parents Influenced My LifeParentingParenting Styles
The Ethical Implications of Human Cloning
Words • 1661
Pages • 7
The cloning of animals has been occurring from many years now in the advancement of time, the concept of human reproductive cloning has become a reality as with the breakthrough of biotechnology. Human reproductive cloning is a creation of an individual by nuclear transfer from existing human being to unnucleated ovum of another mammal that give rise to identical individual naturally or artificially. The child has born by this process that comes under new category of human being that is…...
BiologyCloningDisadvantages Of ScienceGeneticsHeredityNever Let Me Go
Should Parents Discipline Their Children by Spanking Them?
Words • 1099
Pages • 5
Bridge: Children are progressively helpless to awful impacts and ten to gain from their encompassing condition. Thesis statement: Spanking a child isn't illegal in many spots. In any case, guardians who use it in their homes are being blamed for a child's misuse. Body paragraph 1 : Topic sentence: According Melinda Wanner Mayer, a science and health writer “surveys suggest that nearly half of the U.S have spanked their children a discipline abuse. Reason 1: Parents faced that about choosing…...
AbuseChildChild DisciplineCorporal PunishmentParentSpanking
Parental Responsibility for a Child’s Criminal Actions
Words • 723
Pages • 3
Children these days are turning out to be violent and are inevitably growing up to be lawbreakers. The fault on kids' wrongdoings these days is usually going onto the guardians, for the most part under the statement "failing to exercise reasonable care, supervision, protection, and control over children". However, many of the crimes that youngsters are committing are almost unrelated to their parents, and the way their parents raised them. There are many other vital factors that greatly justify their…...
ChildParentPeer PressureResponsibility
Positive Discipline: Behavioral Management Skills for Parents
Words • 928
Pages • 4
Parents need to develop management skills so that they can meet the responsibilities and the expectations of multiple roles such as work, study, sport, and family. They would be required to use their personal management skills to effectively manage the needs of both themselves and their child. It is necessary that they develop balance and plan how much time they will dedicate to each commitment they have made. A strategy to assist Jane and Harold to manage their multiple commitments…...
What Makes a Good Parent?
Words • 604
Pages • 3
How to be a good parent is the question every soon to be and the existing parent has. Being a parent is quite difficult especially in this area where society judges you on everything you do. A good parent consists of not trying to be a perfect parent, but the best you can be for your child. Parenting consists of love, respect, support, encouragement, discipline, sacrifice, and rewards. Many times, as a parent we tend to give more material items…...
BullyingChildGood ParentingParentPsychology
Background of Parental Involvement
Words • 785
Pages • 4
The role of parent involvement in their children’s education is not a new issue. The origins of parental involvement stems trace back from the language compensation programs carry out in the 1960s and 1970s in the US and Europe, among other aims of these programs is considered parents to be the primary role models in their children’s education. Assuring their children’s academic achievement and success in school career is one of the most important aspirations of every parent in many…...
How Does The Types of Parenting Reflect On The Child’s Behavior?
Words • 1482
Pages • 6
Introduction Firstly, what is parenting? What are the styles and How does it work? Very simple parenting is an activity of raising up a child as a parent. It has been categorized by three at first but later on two physiologists “Maccoby and Martin” found that actually there are four different styles. Parenting is a complex activity that includes more than a specific behavior that works individually and together to influence a child's outcome. Although specific behavior such as smacking…...
Identifying How Parenting Styles Affect Emerging Adults
Words • 562
Pages • 3
A parent is known as the caretaker of a child, rather it is a biological parent, an adoptive parent, grandparents, other relatives, etc. Overall, a parent plays an important role in guiding their children during development. Also, parenting style is determining an effective factor that plays an important role in children’s growth. Therefore, a close relationship and a mutual understanding between children and their parents are highly recommended for a child’s development. The relationship of parents with children or parenting…...
AdultChildParentParenting StylesPsychology
Growing Up with a Single Parent
Words • 726
Pages • 3
A parent may be single due to death, divorce or some other type of separation. Whatever the reason may be, many children are suffering miserably from growing up with only one parent. The reduction of two-parent households has caused many problems for children during their uprising. Children raised in a single-parent household lack a role model to emulate, reduced financial resources, lack of security, and one less crucial emotional relationship. Firstly, kids growing up in single-parent homes do not have…...
ChildFamilyGrowing UpParentPsychologySingle Parent Families
What Are The Effects On Children Of Single Parents?
Words • 931
Pages • 4
This research focuses on the effects of children growing up in a single-parent household, instead of living with both parents. The motive of this is to foreground the growing ideal apprehension and difficult social challenges children face that lives in single-parent homes. Children are intended to grow in a family environment where both parents take their roles in raising the child. In recent years, there has been a sudden increase in the circumstances of single-parent families. Single parent families come…...
ChildhoodFamilyParentParents For ChildrenSingle Parent FamiliesSocial Issues
How Parents Fighting Affects a Child’s Mental Health
Words • 1171
Pages • 5
Family relationships are a vital Issue that can affect how one develops, being that they are the closest relationship in a child’s life, they tend to have the biggest impact as well. I found that my Mum and Dad had a very distant relationship, whether it be arguing or not talking at all. It came down to Dads drinking habits stemming from depression, which caused a lot of disturbance within the household. There was always a lot of tension in…...
Mental HealthParent
Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting
Words • 1439
Pages • 6
The numbers of teenage pregnancy have decreased in the United States, but this is not the case for everyone. Being a mother in itself represents hormonal imbalances, that contribute to mood swings, depression in addition to the exhaustion of the first weeks of becoming a new mom. The joy of having a child does not prevent any of the hormonal changes or postpartum depression often times experienced by new mothers. The psychological impact of being an adolescent mother can affect…...
AdolescenceChildhoodGood ParentingParentTeenage Pregnancy
Compare And Contrast Childhood and Adulthood
Words • 632
Pages • 3
Every single human has to face different phases of his life. Being a tiny fetus in the mother’s womb, our life starts and ends up dying being an old aged man. During this life cycle, we grew from fetus to little kid, then into a teenager to mature men and finally entering into the category of grandparents. It is observed the same for both males and females. Childhood is considered from the age of 2 to 17 for girls, and…...
AdultAdulthoodChildChildhoodCompare And ContrastParent
“The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates” by Wes Moore
Words • 1218
Pages • 5
The Other Wes Moore is a book about two children with similar lifestyles when they were growing up, and the same names, but ending up in different places in their lives. The story is about the Other Wes Moore, who got charged with first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Wes Moore, them, faces poverty and has a dream and goal of receiving a proper education. Wes Moore grew up in very poor conditions, where he and his small…...
ParentThe Other Wes MooreViolence
A parental Ode to my Son…
Words • 460
Pages • 2
Look again at "Upon My Son Samuel his Going for England, Novem 6, 1657" by Ann Bradstreet, in which the speaker conveys her feelings towards her child, and at one other poem from the anthology in which the speaker conveys his or her parental feelings. With close reference to the way each writer has used language to convey those feelings, compare and contrast what each poem has to say about parental feelings and explain which poem you regard as most…...
Childhood and Parenthood in the Novel
Words • 571
Pages • 3
A main theme in Mary Shelly's Frankenstein is that of birth, childhood and parenthood, this is explored through Shelly's choice of frame narrative and structure for the novel. She uses a circular story in which Robert Walton, an arctic explorer, rescues Victor Frankenstein off the ice whilst he is in pursuit of the monster. This takes place at the beginning of the novel but at the end of the story, which Frankenstein tells to Walton who writes it in letters…...
The ways in which Juliet acts and speaks through the play show us how the parent – child relationship worked in the 16th century
Words • 1683
Pages • 7
Juliet, at the beginning, is very obedient to her parents. She addresses her mother as 'Madam' (P63 Line 6), which is very formal. Today, we address our mothers as 'Mum'. 'Mother' would be the most formal word that we use today. 'Madam' implies a distance between them but also shows how Juliet thinks her mother as important to her. However, Juliet addresses her father as 'father', which would imply that he is closer to his daughter than his wife is.…...
ParentRelationshipRomeo And Juliet
The Way Carol Duffy Explores Relationships English Literature Essay
Words • 1484
Pages • 6
The manner Carol Duffy explores relationships in her verse form is a rich topic for comparing, as each verse form puts an interesting spin on the manner she, as the narrative voice, reacts to the people around her. On the one manus we can look at the astringent intervention of the relationship in 'Havisham ' , as she is jilted at the communion table. This makes an utmost contrast to 'Before You Were Mine ' , in which we can…...
EnglishExploreGreat ExpectationsLiteratureLoveParent
The Manson Investigation
Words • 828
Pages • 4
On August 10, 1969 the headline "Actress Is Among 5 Slain at Home in Beverly Hills" appeared on the front page of the New York Times (Roberts). This was the beginning of a investigation of police error which prolonged the arrest of Charles Manson. There were several people who claimed they had heard gunshots and screaming in the early morning hours of August 9. Mrs. Kott, who lived at 10070 Cielo Drive, heard three or four gunshots at what she…...
CrimeCrime And PunishmentCriminal JusticeFamous PersonLawParent
How does Shakespeare use language to portray the Capulets as traditional medieval parents?
Words • 1346
Pages • 6
"Romeo and Juliet" is a tragic, romantic play written by William Shakespeare. The play is set in the town of Verona, were rivalry has thrived between two families; the Capulets and the Montages. Romeo who is Montague meets Juliet a Capulet, at a party. Fate has brought them together and they both immediately fall in love. Later they find out there families have a eternal feud. Romeo decides he loves her never the less and they confess love for each…...
LanguageLoveParentPlaysRomeo And JulietShakespeare
Write Two To Three Sentences Explaining How The Secrecy Of Romeo And Juliet’s Marriage Creates Complications In Juliet’s Relationship With Her Parents.
Words • 1943
Pages • 8
'The course of true love never did run smooth' Describe by what techniques Shakespeare proves this statement to be the case in Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare wrote many plays in the time he was alive, but Romeo and Juliet is possibly one of his best. It is an unlucky romantic love story and was written in 1594. The language from Shakespearean times was different from today. The play is set in Verona, Italy, but was written in England. This is…...
MarriageParentRelationshipRomeo And Juliet
Parents are always right
Words • 477
Pages • 2
In spite of the saying "parents are always right" they are not always right. If you look at the divorce rate it has more then doubled. And they say that it doesn't hurt the children. If they really look at it, it tares the children apart. There sense of safety is gone, shattered. They are unable to trust anybody. Some people don't see this. They see the face that the children put on so they can't see the way that…...
LoveParentRightsRights And Duties Of Parents
Footnote to Youth and Parents
Words • 3929
Pages • 16
SUMMARY PART 1 It was a story of a boy who was only 17 when he decides to marry his love one. He was dodong, and he love teang so much that he could not wait for the right age to settle down in a relationship that is hard to escape. It's the "marriage". At the age of 17 dodong and teang got married without thinking of the risk being in an uneasy part of life. They just follow what…...
ConsciousnessHuman NatureParent
Feminist Parenting
Words • 795
Pages • 4
Thesis: It is my objective to prove the goals found within feminist parenting centers on the notions children should be raised in nonviolent ways while simultaneously avoiding instilling any sexist biases which ultimately so as to develop an intuitive sense of self esteem in the child. I. Children must be parented in nonviolent ways while avoiding instilling sexist biases. A. People are used to seeing the mother be the disciplinarian and have a tendency to ignore female violence abuse. B.…...
FeminismGenderMarriageParentSocial Issues
“Fatherhood Ought to Be Emphasized as Much as Motherhood. the Idea That Women Are Solely Responsible for Deciding Whether or Not to Have Babies Leads on to the Idea That They Are Also Responsible for Bringing the
Words • 329
Pages • 2
“Fatherhood ought to be emphasized as much as motherhood. The idea that women are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to have babies leads on to the idea that they are also responsible for bringing the children up. ” To what extent do you agree or disagree? I believe that child-rearing should be the responsibility of both parents and that, whilst the roles within that partnership may be different, they are nevertheless equal in importance. In some societies, it…...
Explain the Range of Early Years Settings Reflects the Scope and Purpose of the Sector Essay
Words • 373
Pages • 2
There are many different types of child care proviso. these include: ?Mother and toddler groups- a topographic point were the yearling can socialize with other kids their age. whilst the female parent or male parent can remain and larn more ways to look after and assist with the kids development. ?Pre-school- pre-school is a private baby's room. one that is paid for by the parent. they do non make compulsory hours and the kid doesn’t have a primary school topographic…...
Examine the relationship Juliet has with her parents
Words • 1166
Pages • 5
Examine the relationship Juliet has with her parents and how it changes by looking closely at their language in Act 1 sc2, Act 1 sc3 and Act 3 sc5. Through the duration of the play there are many different contrasts and changes to relationships. The most prominent being the shift of Lord Capulet's feelings for Juliet, from love to almost hatred and disappointment. This is shown through imagery, language, and contrasts. The context of the play also helps understand the…...
What do Christians believe about the sanctity of life?
Words • 1799
Pages • 8
Christians believe by the phrase 'Sanctity of life' that all life is special to God. They believe that life should not be treated badly or discarded thoughtlessly. Each human being is a separate, living person, with many rights, mainly the right to life. Christian's beliefs about God as creator include the belief that all human beings are created as individuals. Every individual is unique, and there is no life like any other in the universe. Human beings have a special…...
Child/Parent Personality
Words • 633
Pages • 3
1. The article is questioning how personality can shape the social behavior between parent-adolescent relationships. “There is robust evidence that early emerging individual differences in personality shape how people experience and respond to a wide variety of developmental tasks. ” (De Haan, A. D. , Dekovic, M. , & Prinzie, P. 2012). The researchers scrutinized the Big Five characteristics do further develop data within the study. This study aimed to improve the knowledge base on how personality shapes behaviors, by…...
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The Importance of Family History: What I Learned From My Parents
...Growing up I have seen my father work hard and achieve many goals. “I have never felt disadvantaged about being an immigrant. I might not be able to run for the president but that’s okay! There’s so many freedoms and rights that I have which is...
Why My Dad Is My Hero?
...Ultimately, my dad is patient. I like this behavior because I can be extremely unreasonable in some cases, and before giving me a kick in the butt, he is patient so I can think about my behavior. For instance, I required help with my R.S.M. homework....
What Makes a Good Parent?
...Be a responsible parent that will lead children to self-reliant adulthood. The definition of a good parent might be different from person to person. For many the definition of a parent is one who creates, gives birth to, or nurtures and raises a chil...
How Does The Types of Parenting Reflect On The Child’s Behavior?
...In my perceptive, I have experienced in my own life so that I can strongly say that parenting affect children's behavior like social, emotional, and academic behavior. As I have experienced in my real life. My parents use authoritarian style but as I...
Identifying How Parenting Styles Affect Emerging Adults
...However, other important factors including culture, children's perceptions of parental treatment and social influences also play an important role in children's development. Overall, every human has their own unique way of how they developed and pare...
What Are The Effects On Children Of Single Parents?
...This doesn’t mean that problems found in single-parent homes are because of the parent who raises the children. It can be associated to things other than single parenting. Single-parent households are generally less well-off financially and this ma...
How Parents Fighting Affects a Child’s Mental Health
...Throughout my relationships as an adult, I have found that I’m not very trusting, I’m quite insecure and can relate to Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development. As Erikson states, when an infant is born, they are uncertain about the world i...
The ways in which Juliet acts and speaks through the play show us how the parent – child relationship worked in the 16th century
...I feel that Lord and Lady Capulet are good parents for the period in which they lived, in the way that they made sure she was well looked after, was taught good manors and courtesy, and in general, had a good upbringing. However, when Juliet decides ...
How does Shakespeare use language to portray the Capulets as traditional medieval parents?
...In conclusion medieval expected too much of their children and didn't understand their feelings as they were treated in this way when they were children. Life was hard for medieval children; they had a lot to cope with unlike children today who are v...
Write Two To Three Sentences Explaining How The Secrecy Of Romeo And Juliet’s Marriage Creates Complications In Juliet’s Relationship With Her Parents.
...Ironically, the note does not get through to Romeo, but Romeo's friend Balthazar does, and tells Romeo that Juliet has died. This is the next obstacle as Romeo decides that he cannot live without Juliet and goes to commit suicide next to her, killing...
What do Christians believe about the sanctity of life?
...Other churches like the Methodists and the Anglicans believe that life does not begin until the baby is able to survive outside the womb. These Christians believe that abortion is an evil, which should be best avoided. An abortion could take place if...

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