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Paragraph Writing

When writing an assignment for my class, I would use what I learned from class. In other words, I will take the tips and strategies that I have learned from the reading and videos in class as the steps to take when writing an assignment. The first step I take when writing for an assignment is to find a topic that interests me. After finding a topic, I will research my topic to get a better understanding of what I am writing. Then I will start my Pre-writing, by organizing my thoughts in an outline form, to help identify my topic sentence, important facts, ideas and a conclusion for my essay. When I have my outline complete, I can start a rough draft from my thoughts and ideas I used to create my outline.

With this step, I can construct my rough draft to form an essay that is informative and interesting to my readers. From there, I will begin revising my rough draft. I will do this by going back over my draft to find to see if my ideas supports my thesis statement and that my paper makes sense. The last step in my writing process is editing. Editing gives me the opportunity to look over what I have written, re-read, and I check for spelling and grammar issues. Taking the above steps in writing helps me to finish my final draft and help improve my academic and professional writing in the future.

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