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Paradiso piece of trilogy



Trilogi: Divine comedy

Paradiso is the third and the last part of the Divine Comedy, written by Italian poet Dante Alighieri. It goes right after the Inferno (Hell) and Purgatorio (Purgatory). From the Italian Paradiso means “Paradise,” “Heaven.” It is the final part of the poem with the allegory of Dante`s soul journey through the Heaven, guided by his lifetime love Beatrice, who is the symbol of theology.

The act begins on Wednesday, March 30, 1300, after Easter Sunday. The Paradiso beginning takes place at the top of Mount Purgatory, which is also called the Earthly Paradise. This journey through Paradise lasts for twenty-four hours, taking into account the fact that the whole Divine Comedy journey takes one week. If speaking about previous two parts – the Inferno and the Purgatorio – they are based on the sin theme mainly, while the structure of Paradiso is shown on the basis of four cardinal virtues and three theological virtues. Among them are Fortitude, Temperance, Justice, Prudence and Faith, Hope, Charity relatively.

After going through the fire sphere, which is believed to be in the Earth`s upper atmosphere, Beatrice leads Dante through the nine spheres of Heaven with the aim to get to the Empyrean, where God dwells.  During this journey, Dante meets some of the blessing souls and has short conversations with them.

Visiting the First Sphere – The Moon – Beatrice explains to Dante why the Moon looks like that. The moon waxing and waning are described as inconstancy. The sphere of the Moon was mainly for those who broke their vows. Here Dante meets Piccarda and Constance of Sicily. Beatrice dwells on the freedom of will topic. She also tries to explain that a vow should never be abandoned. A person freely offers something to God, and it should not be taken easy. Breaking the vow is a great evil.

The Second Sphere is represented by the Mercury, which symbolizes ambitions. The Mercury Planet is close to the Sun and, allegorically, it represents those who did something good but for own fame only. Dante meets Emperor Justinian. By having a conversation with him, Alighieri realizes all issues.

After that, Beatrice leads Dante to the Third Sphere – The Sphere of Love. On the Venus planet, which symbolizes love and temptation, Dante meets Charles Martel of Anjou, who tells that the right society needs different kinds of people. Then, the troubadour Folquet de Marseilles, discourses about love and admiration, what makes Dante think a lot.

The Fourth Sphere gives Dante the opportunity to deal with great examples of Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Fortitude. Here, being in the Sun Sphere, Dante meets some of the greatest examples of prudence. Among them are philosophers, poets, theologians, and many other talented people.

The Fifth Sphere is represented by Mars. This planet is usually associated with the God of War. Dante decides to make this planet a home for those who were the warriors of Faith and who gave their lives for God. These souls create a Greek Cross on the planet and Dante compares it with the Milky Way. He meets here his ancestor Cacciaguida, who recommends Dante to tell the world everything he has seen being in Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. Dante also meets some other warriors. Among them are Roland, Joshua, and Charlemagne.

Then Beatrice and Dante enter the Sixth Sphere on the Jupiter. Dante makes it a place for those who ruled with justice in mind. Here are David, Constantine, Trajan and some others. These souls create one voice and speak of God`s justice.

The Sphere of Saturn is the next destination in soul journey of Dante and Beatrice. It is the Seventh Sphere, created for those who embody temperance. Peter Damian is among those who are here. He discusses some monasticism issues with Dante, while Beatrice starts feeling good in here.

The Sphere of Fixed Stars is a place from where Dante sees all the seven previous spheres he has visited. Here he meets with Virgin Mary and other saint people. St. Peter asks Dante on faith, St. James on hope, St. John on love. Dante always finds something to answer, discussing these eternal values. The last sphere is the Premium Mobile. It is moved by God – angels live here. Dante sees a God in bright light with many angels around. Beatrice explains everything – about the universe creation, about angels, and about being.

The Divine Comedy finishes with Date`s understanding of Christ`s divinity. He sees the Triune God. Finally, Dante`s soul becomes aligned with God, full of His love and trust.

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