Paradigm Essay Topics

UK parade through Wootton Bassett

For the following representation investigation, I have chosen to analyse a series of news articles informing of the controversial plan for the Islamist group, “Islam4UK”, to march through Wootton Bassett where processions for dead British soldiers are held. This group intended to parade through the town with an anti-war statement, yet due to the delicate… View Article

A Paradigm Shift

A Paradigm it is what we all see as a world view. Paradigm shift is defined as being a radical change in underlying beliefs of theory (Kuhn, 1922). What this means is we believe and rely on something our whole life, but then new science discoveries test our beliefs. A good example of this is… View Article

Textual Analysis of the Movie Grease Using Narrative Paradigm

Walter Fisher was the founder of the narrative paradigm. (1984) He stated that through the narrative paradigm, men would have an alternative approach to understand how human beings acted. In the narrative worldview, humans were considered as “storytellers” and human communications were regarded as “stories”. According to Fisher, stories that were made of good reasons… View Article