Paper Towns Book Response Essay

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Paper Towns Book Response

The? Book? Talk? visual? which? caught? my? eye? the? most? was? Clare? Considine’s? project? on? ‘Paper? Towns’? by? John? Greene.? After? talking? with? her? I? learned? the? book? is? about? two? young? people,? Margo? and? Quentin? who? navigate? through? their? senior? year? in? the? suburbs? of? Orlando,? Florida? in? the? early? 2000’s.?

When? exposed? to? a? dead? man? who? has? committed? suicide? in? Jefferson? park,? Margo,? at? 10? years? old? says? “Maybe? all? the? strings? inside? him? just? broke. ”? After? this? moment,? the? two? continually? link? human? emotions? to? acting? as? “strings”? throughout?the? novel.? In? the? middle? of? the? book? Margo? runs? away? and? the? plot? is? transformed? to? Quentin’s? finding? her? on? a? long? road? trip? with? his? two? best? friends? Ben? and? Radar? and? Ben’s? girlfriend? Lacey.?

The? two? create? idealist? views? of? each? other? which? only? by? the? end? is? proven? wrong? by? reality.? In? the? visual,? there? is? a? series? of? 6? maps? showing? the? states? which? are? driven? through? in? the? novel? to? find? Margo,? North? Carolina,? South? Carolina,? Pennsylvania,? New? York,? Virginia,? and? Florida.? Starting? at? the? front? of? the? map? and? ending? at?

the? end,? there? is? a? path? which? takes? the? viewers? of? this? visual? through? the? plot? of? the? story.? Also,? there? are? various? quotes? spread? about? the? map? to? support? the? explanation? of? the? plot.? To? begin,? the? trail? starts? at? two? houses,?

Margo? and? Quentin’s.? Starting? here,? the? black? tacks? represent? Margo? and? the? white? tacks? show? Quentin.? This? contrast? to? me? exemplifies? a? ying? yang? situation.? Next,? the? string? goes? down? to? four? houses:? Lacey,? Jace,? Becca,? and? Karen’s,? whose? houses? have? a? spraypainted? ‘M’? on? them.? This? ‘M’? symbolizes?

Margo’s? anger? toward? them? because? her? ex? boyfriend? Jace? cheated? on? her? with? Becca? her? best? friend,? and? this? was? kept? a? secret? by? Karen? and? Lacey? her? are? her? close? friends? also.? It? then? leads? down? to? Sea? World? which? they? break? into? and? then? the? path? leads? to? the? sun? tower.? At? the? sun? tower? Margo? says? the? significant? quote?

“All? those? paper? people? living? in? their? paper? houses,? burning? the? future? to? stay? warm.? All? the? paper? kids? drinking? beer? some? bum? bought? for? them? at? the? paper? convenience? store.? Everyone? demented? with? the? mania? of? owning? things.? All? the? things? paper? thin? and? paper? frail.?

All? all? the? people,? too.? I’ve? lived? here? for? eighteen? years? and? I? have? never? once? in? my? life? come? across? anyone? who? cares? about? anything? that? matters. ”? After,? the? track? leads? to? two? paper? people? with? Margo? and? Quentin’s? tacks? on? them? suggesting? they? are? too? one? dimensional? paper? people? by? this? point.? Following,? Margo’s? tack? then? moves? into? a? question? mark? when? she? runs? away.? By? this? point? all?

Quentin? knows? is? she? is? going? to? a? ‘Paper? Town’.? Quentin’s? tacks? continue? into? subdivisions? in? Orlando,? Florida? where? he? begins? his? search? with? thoughts? that? by? ‘Paper? Towns’? she? is? referring? to? the? bland? subdivisions? with? nothing? ever? changing? but? does? not? find? her? there.? The? next? tack? is? at? a? barn? where? he? sees?

Margo? has? spraypainted? the? words,? “You? will? go? to? Paper? Towns? and? you? will? never? return. ”? There? he? realizes? Paper? Towns? are,? by? literal? definition,? fake? towns? choreographers? put? on? their? maps? to? prevent? plagiarism.? This? leads? him? to? Algoe,? New? York,? (represented? by? the? car? on? the? visual)? where? he? finds? Margo? in? a? barn.? The? last? part? to? the? visual? is? a? little? booklet? with? ‘expectations,? assumptions? and? idealism’? written? on? the? pages,? illustrating? the? journal?

Margo? keeps,? writing? down? all? to? happen? to? her? including? her? idealizations? for? Quentin.? This? points? out? the? moment? when? Quentin? and? Margo? realize? they? had? been? idealizing? one? another? to? be? something? they? are? not? the? whole? time? and? so? they? decide? to? part? ways.? Ultimately? this? visual? is? very? thorough? and? creative? and? illustrates? the? theme? of? the? ideal? person? being? nonexistent.

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