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Essay, Pages 5 (1220 words)



Essay, Pages 5 (1220 words)

Referent groups play a great role in shaping a person. The most influential referent group that I have worked with is when I have been part of Swayam, an entrepreneurship cell in India. Being part of it has introduced me to people with a different mindset and thought process. There were people from different colleges and regions, who would collaborate to bring better results and improve the funds we would get. Swayam mainly dealt with ideas and shaping those ideas into a product that would have industrial influence.

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Though our end goal was the same we had different ideas and each idea had different ways put in by everyone to produce the end product. Discussions on the ideas were fruitful most times but were very critical sometimes. Varying opinions, sometimes leading to conflicting discussions have also occurred but as a team, it was our responsibility to weight various ideas and choose the best among all of them. It was not always necessary for one person to agree on the opinion of the other.

There were situations where a proper conclusion would not be reached, and discussion would go for undefined durations. As there were people from different universities it was highly possible to become aggressive in terms of agreeing to the opinions of people from different university. But we never restricted ourselves considering the university but we have collaborated and have worked as a team to bring out a better end product.

The other most influential referent group that I have closely worked with was during my internship with ServiceNow, India.

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Our team had people with different levels of experience. The meetings had all the people from the team and everyone was given an opportunity to discuss their opinion about the way the project has to be done and what progress is being made currently. Though a few people in the team had great experience in the field, they never restricted their opinion being objected and a better opinion being presented. The juniors were never looked down or restricted from presenting their opinion. We were in fact encouraged to a large extent to come out of the belief of staying calm in front of elders and experienced people, and we were asked to break our boundaries and give in ideas and contradict ideas of others that we felt were not proper.

These referent groups have created a great impact on me personally. They have taught me how to deal with people of different opinions and thought process. It gave me an opportunity to interact with different people which helped in shaping in better ideology and bring in innovative and cost-effective techniques to contribute better to the group. I initially had a belief that my idea has to win, but interacting with people and being part of great teams has taught me that its not wrong to lose, as eventually it’s the team that is going to win, which would be our win as well. Also, it taught me how important it is to respect other persons opinion. I believed that for a better product it has to be one idea, but interactions with the group made me realize that it’s the collective idea of many people. I understood how to take in some part of one idea and integrate it with another idea to transform into a better idea. The major factor in this case is the way we try to persuade people to use part for their idea and to bring in betterment. Also, the ideology that we are united as a team when we deliver a product and not separated on basis of other factors has created a greater impact. This sense of belongingness to a team would help in reducing the conflicting opinions and paying more attention to the details bringing more productivity and delivering a reliable and more efficient outcome.

There has always been a myth that women are meant for certain jobs only. However, women have chosen to come out of such believes and have started to explore more in the horizon of their interest and passion. Also in terms of management roles, the organizations have started to bring in more programs that helped shape women for management roles. Hence the preconceived notions that the society has forcefully put on us is being changed on a continuous pace, and the influence of varying groups that encourage plays a vital role.

I believed that people in higher management would downrate our opinion over their opinions. But I have given away my notion as I have understood that it’s the teamwork that they really care about and not their own progress as eventually, the end product is something that really matters. Also, the termed manners that we are taught to be quiet and calm in front of elders or experienced people even at work place and only listening to them was a societal belief that was embedded in us since childhood. Experience matters in certain aspects, but it is our responsibility to even put in our view making an equal contribution to the team. The belief that we must stay calm has to be given up as our contribution plays an important role in the success of the team.

The positive impact that it creates when we work as part of a global group is mainly to have a positive attitude towards others opinions and ideology. We try to get along with people around that helps reduce the conflicts. Also, we try to get rid of the societal barriers and move forward, with an attitude to understand other people in the same way as we expect them to understand us. Also, working with such referent group can help increase our chance to communicate better in a global workgroup as we get a great opportunity to present our ideas to a group and positively accepting the flaws that they point out. Also, it gives great opportunity to listen to other’s ideas with the same positivity, getting to know new perspectives.

It also helps the industry to progress as there would be healthy discussions that would go on, improving the product that is desired to proceed. As we deal with people from different locations, it would become comfortable to even deal with the people from diverse cultures and ethnicity. We become more understanding and gain better insights into different cultures, giving us an opportunity to experience it and inculcating good effects of that culture and tradition. Even at workplace, we get to meet people from a different background within the referent group itself and hence we gain a lot of knowledge from them which changes us to be more broadminded and understanding a problem in not just our view from our background knowledge but in fact from a wide perspective.

The negative impact that it would mainly create is since there are people from different cultures, we might get conflicts within our own community for being so open minded and supporting other cultures which is not so welcoming to everyone. This would lead to unwanted disputes.

Leaders play a very vital role to tie up these referent groups together building a strong feeling of togetherness among the team and encouraging everyone to equally contribute to the success of the team, which would further tighten up the bond and togetherness.

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